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The traditional orientation people had on work resumed in the morning and closed in the evening, awaiting pay at the end of the month. However, working life has moved on from this phase and people can now work when they want and where they choose to work. This means that as a freelancer you can make a big contribution to the growth of a business without having to be in an office and according to various surveys and experts, freelancers currently make up over 35% and 40% of the workforce. ‘artwork.

It is also predicted that by 2030, freelancers could represent over 80% of the global workforce. This shows that the days of the traditional office are over, as most people prefer to make a living as freelancers rather than doing the regular 9-5. Most freelancers prefer to work from home, however, this has its drawbacks. These drawbacks have made coworking spaces a better work environment than working from home. In this article, we’ll reveal to you why many freelancers choose coworking spaces to do their jobs, why you should do the same, and how a coworking space can transform the way you do your work.

Flexible environment

One of the main advantages of coworking spaces is the flexibility they give you. Many coworking spaces, such as Chicago Coworking Spaces, offer a variety of membership options and payment plans. Members are free to go weekly, daily, and monthly, which means you don’t have to stick to a rigid work plan or time. Plus, they give you all the best conditions, like having the right tools for your job or installing an HVAC system to get the right room temperature.

Finding the best time to work is one of the strengths of any freelancer. Knowing what time of day you are most productive will help you plan your personal and professional life well. As a result, most coworking spaces are typically open for 24 hours, and all freelancers have to do is decide on a time that fits their schedule and lifestyle. And since you only work at times that are convenient for you, it will prevent you from exhausting yourself, ensuring you get your job done while exceeding that deadline.

Improve your productivity

There are many ways that working from home can negatively affect the productivity of a freelance writer. You might feel comfortable being at home and end up putting off the chores you’re supposed to be doing. It is more difficult to give full attention to your job when working from home due to the long list of distractions freelancers face when working from home.

Working in a coworking space takes you out of your comfort zone and ensures that you won’t be tempted by the various distractions of your home like your favorite webseries or those midday naps. Being part of a coworking space eliminates distraction and helps you focus only on the work you have to do. Plus, working from home can make you feel isolated and less motivated.

On the other hand, if you choose coworking, working in the same environment with like-minded people will push you to surpass yourself and make you more productive. Being in the same environment as other freelancers like you is an advantage that most freelancers ignore. Even if you don’t feel motivated to work, seeing other freelancers focused on their work will keep you busy with your job. You will also feel motivated to start training, learn something new, or use a chatbot to gain new information.

Boost creativity

Working from home can cause a blockage, that is, an inability to work because a freelance writer cannot come up with an original idea. This lack of creativity affects virtually all freelancers, especially writers and creators. As a member of a coworking space, you work in a relaxed atmosphere, and the environment also offers you a total change of scenery.

The change of scenery will refresh your mind, which in turn will increase your creativity by enriching your ability to jump between various ideas. You can finally write this blog post or use a Video maker to visually present your business plan. Being part of a coworking community also gives you the opportunity to interact with various other people. These conversations will allow you to see things from other perspectives, broaden your professional perspectives, and develop new ways of doing your client’s work.

Separation of work and private life

A major downside to working from home is that it is difficult for you to separate your work and private life. Working from home can prevent you from fully concentrating on your job due to household chores, and if you have children, childcare needs can also prevent you from giving your best. Some freelancers like to set up a makeshift office at home where they can work without being distracted. They agree with their family members to maintain decorum while they work.

However, somehow they end up getting distracted and it affects their productivity. For some freelancers, there isn’t just enough space in their home to set up a home office or the home office can’t put together the equipment needed to work. A coworking space removes all of these distractions and gives you that ideal working environment that may be lacking in your home. This takes you away from any other responsibility and allows you to focus only on your work.

Opportunity to network and socialize

Networking as a freelance writer is a very important activity. Since the job requires working alone, you won’t meet people like you if you work from home. It is very important for freelancers to meet other freelancers and learn. As a freelancer, you can get new job opportunities, tips and tools that can help you work more easily, etc. While working from home undoubtedly has its own advantages, it robs you of a chance to socialize and meet new people or other freelancers. However, as a member of a coworking space, you can socialize and network with various members of the coworking community.

Therefore, you can learn and share ideas with them, and keep abreast of new developments in your field and in the world of self-employment. In this way, evaluating software development partners becomes easy as you get first-hand experience of their work. It also gives you the opportunity to form new relationships and this is the main reason why many cities like Nashville are building coworking spaces to fill the void in human relations that has been created by Covid-19. There are several coworking spaces in Nashville. Feel free to use them and hopefully meet other freelancers like you!


Coworking is the future of workspaces because it gives freelancers and other professionals an all-inclusive space where they can focus, be more productive and ultimately realize their full potential. Take your time to choose a coworking community that matches your working style, your techniques and your personality. You need to consider the amenities of the coworking space, choose a space that is within your budget, and make sure the space is secure enough.

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