Welcome to the first combined issue of this local community newspaper


Editor’s point of view

By Tim Douglass, editor of the Pope County Tribune

Welcome, readers of the combined first edition of the Pope County Tribune and Starbuck Times.

This first issue will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect in your weekly diary as we move forward. We hope you see this newspaper as a continuation of a top quality local newspaper that serves all of Pope County and all municipalities within the county.

Readers either from Starbucks time or the Pope County Grandstand will be now get more news and information than one publication could provide before. It will remain well-edited and vetted news and the opinion and viewpoint pages will provide a public forum for community-wide letters and discussion. There will be more local columnists in the combined newspaper. In fact, there will be more of everything.

These have been difficult times for local news outlets across America, and many newspapers have folded during the pandemic. Yet most weekly newspapers have survived thanks to community support from loyal readers and advertising support from local businesses. This is the case with this newspaper. This newspaper is well positioned as a publication serving the entire county and we look forward to many more years of service to this community.

Although it is in the nature of weekly newspapers to go through staff due to burnout or economic constraints, we are also grateful to have been able to maintain a stable and enthusiastic staff.

Most Pope County Tribune employees have been here for 12 to 15 years. They take pride in their work; they do their job well and week after week they help this newspaper among the best in Minnesota, especially in communities our size.

It is the dedication and commitment of our staff that allows this newspaper not only to survive, but to thrive. It is difficult to adequately explain how important they are to the operation of this weekly newspaper.

* * * *

It was nice that the staff at the Pope County Museum took the time to record the final impression of the Starbucks time as a standalone publication last Tuesday at Quinco in Lowry.

Ann Grandy and Brent Gulsvig were on hand at Quinco Press in Lowry and took photos, video recorded the presses performing the Time and even took, for the museum, the first page plate used in the printing process.

We certainly welcomed their interest and desire to record the print for history. Although last week was the last issue of the Starbucks time as a stand-alone publication, it is far from the end of a community newspaper serving the Starbuck community as well as Glenwood and the entire Pope County community.

The Pope County Museum is a valuable asset to the entire county and Merlin Peterson, Ann and Brent do an excellent job of recording, categorizing and displaying the history of this area. We encourage anyone with an interest in this community to support the efforts of the Pope County Historical Society and the staff of the Pope County Museum.

By the way, we’ll be doing a story next week on how Brent Gulsvig and his wife take all the film negatives shot by the Tribune and convert them into digital images that can be viewed and even purchased on the Pope’s website. County Museum. It is a time-consuming and expensive historical project and the Gulsvigs were able to start it with a state grant. More next week.


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