The rise and benefits of coworking spaces

In recent years, with the rising real estate prices and a growing number of freelancers and new entrepreneurs, most companies no longer require their employees to be tied to a specific workplace.

Co-working has exploded as a phenomenon and is a smart way for small businesses to share space and services. To better understand this concept, we’ve summarized things for you in the article below.

Coworking spaces are the optimal solution for providing flexible office spaces. The idea of ​​coworking originally emerged as a response to the need of small businesses, freelancers and startups for cheap and flexible workplaces in central locations in large cities.

Especially in the creative industries and with start-ups, the possibility of renting a flexible workroom is very popular.

Coworking offers an excellent alternative to teleworking, which is particularly popular with teleworkers. It gives them a sense of routine and stability when traveling or working remotely in another city or country. A good example is coworking villages in Costa Ricabecause they are designed to provide remote workers and their families with relaxed and productive lifestyles that seek to stay connected. This, in turn, has resulted in a large expat community of like-minded people.

One advantage of these environments is that they encourage meetings, collaborations and the exchange of knowledge between people from different industries and backgrounds. They help each other and find solutions faster than if they had to act alone.

These coworking spaces provide all the amenities their users need to get their jobs done, such as furniture, internet, printers, meeting rooms, and an attractive environment. Coworking spaces can have a cafe-like design or a relaxed office environment.

Benefits of coworking spaces

Social networking in coworking spaces

In coworking spaces, entrepreneurs from completely different sectors meet. Computer scientists and business consultants work alongside journalists and graphic designers. It is an ideal way to make contacts, especially for young entrepreneurs. Successful marketing should include as many channels as possible. It could be for example:

  • digital platforms
  • personal meetings

Optimal infrastructure

In the real estate market, the rule of thumb is generally: the better the location, the higher the rent. For many freelancers, renting offices far from the city center is irrelevant. This could be due to several different things:

  • it takes too long to get to and from the office
  • you often have customer meetings in town
  • communications are poor or completely absent

Coworking spaces can reduce costs even if the location is attractive. The premises are often strategically located in relation to public transport and are also close to shopping malls, cafes and restaurants.

Great comfort

Another advantage of coworking spaces is that as a tenant you don’t have to worry about the interior. As a rule, offices are already equipped with everything necessary in a modern workplace:

  • fast internet
  • possibility of connecting different types of devices
  • comfortable furniture
  • beautiful common areas

The space creates a pleasant atmosphere where you can not only work more efficiently, but it also makes going to the office more fun.


Digital development has fundamentally changed working life. Today’s modern businesses require different skills than before. Nowadays, employees are often sought after with abilities such as:

  • creativity
  • spontaneity
  • ability to work together
  • willingness to compromise

To keep up with rapid technological and economic development, today’s workers are faced with new challenges almost daily. This requires flexibility from several angles, both in terms of time, space and money. Coworking spaces are the perfect environment to meet all of these requirements. As a tenant, you don’t have to commit to long-term contracts but can use office space by the hour, day or week. If your team is getting bigger or smaller, you can easily adjust the number of places.

You choose your working hours and can come and go as you please. Even what some people think are the downsides of coworking spaces turn into the pros because you are exercising important skills. Limited space means everyone becomes part of the community and must see themselves, communicate openly and work together as a great team.

Final thoughts

From a purely professional point of view, you have the opportunity to do business and start collaborations that you would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. However, the sense of community is the central aspect of coworking.

Companies in a coworking space often help each other, receive knowledge exchanges, and work together in new ways. A lot of people have found it fun to meet new people, which makes the workplace more dynamic.

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