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A film that changed dreams, for many of my generation, was Smokey and the Bandit. He introduced us to the Pontiac Trans Am.

For more than 25 years after this film, I collected articles, photos and books on TA. I saw his styles and power change. Finally, I found a recent model in perfect condition, low mileage and at a very attractive price. To everyone’s surprise, I brought it. Finally a dream come true.

Over the years, your bedroom has been the source of many dreams come true. Leadership Coos was formed to educate community members about the many facets of our region. It was also intended to help produce the next group of community leaders.

Today, you find its graduates leading local businesses, government, and agencies. The tourism committee started with the objective of extending the seasons when people come to visit us. They also believed that tourism could become an important part of our local economy. Their success proved them right.

The Workforce and Education Committee’s vision is to bridge business and the education community while engaging all students in the career opportunities they need to achieve and succeed. in the jobs of tomorrow. Additionally, their mission is that the Chamber Workforce and Education Committee, through the participation of local businesses, will work to improve our community education system for students to successfully enter the work market.

In addition, each year they celebrate exceptional “educators”, at all levels of participation in the schooling process of our children. From this group, the committee selects and honors an Educator of the Year.

In 2020, Workforce & Education added a scholarship program for students at North Bend High School, Marshfield High School, and Southwestern Oregon Community College.

While funding depended in part on drawings and donations, they created an interesting ‘Pie in the Face’ aspect of fundraising. The Committee really bridges the gap between education and business.

So, who will be the next “Workforce & Education Committee” or “Tourism Committee” or “Leadership Coos”, the new dream come true, of this parliamentary year?

Our community has many needs and opportunities that you, as a member of the chamber with like-minded people, can realize. Come down and we’ll find the team for you.

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(Timm Slater is executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. For information about your chamber, email [email protected])


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