Support local retail stores with the Cleveland Shops offer


CLEVELAND – The holidays are just around the corner and thanks to a newly formed group, you can start marking your gift list, saving money and supporting local businesses all at the same time.

Cleveland Shops is an organization of local businesses and retail stores founded by Gordon Geiger, the owner of Geiger’s. Already more than 40 stores are part of the group.

“We’ve seen the change in the way people consume things, in the way people buy things,” Geiger said. “We try to make sure people think locally and buy locally.”

From clothing to jewelry to toys, there’s a specialty shop among the group for everyone.

To encourage residents of Cleveland and northeast Ohio to shop locally this holiday season, Cleveland Shops is offering discounted gift cards.

Starting today, you can get 30% off $100 and $50 gift cards. To close the deal, you need to sign up for the Cleveland Shops email newsletter. If you wish to opt out, you can purchase a gift card on October 23 when it becomes available to everyone. However, retail stores only offer a limited number of discounted gift cards.

Geiger said Cleveland Shops was created not only to inspire local shopping, but also to remind consumers that by buying locally, they are boosting the local economy.

“We’re here. We need your support. We want your support. You don’t really want to take our business types for granted,” he said. “For those who believe this message needs to be delivered, we will support it. We think it’s a great concept.”

Click here to go to the Cleveland Shops website for discounted gift cards.


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