Sunnyside Elementary students improve the community


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – Local children decided to help those less fortunate today at Sunnyside Elementary.

The school kicked off its World Best Day with some big projects.

Students from kindergarten through sixth grade spent the day helping the Idaho Falls Area Humanitarian Center.

“We make sets of folders,” said sixth-grade student Russel Nelson. “The sixth graders are coloring them in and then sending them to the humanitarian center.”

The students were abuzz with the spirit of service as they made packages for the center.

“I’m pretty excited to kind of know that even though we’re just doing the coloring part, we’re still helping something like really big and we’re helping kids who don’t have things that we have,” said Sixth grader Taylor Lee.

Other ranks worked together to make coloring kits, baby rattles, and hygiene kits.

Parents were seen working side by side with students to prepare for the event.

“The parents have been great and the kids have brought their supplies to class and are so excited to help count them and see what we have and what we need,” said student council mentor Lori Farnsworth. “The student council and our classrooms have all played a big part in this, especially in fifth grade.”

Student council members have helped plan activities and projects based on the natural disasters they have studied over the past year.

Many of these students grew up participating in the World’s Best Day.

“We have a bunch of supplies in case something happens,” said fifth-grade student and student council member Emree Josephson. “So like pairs of socks just in case if they win some and then like a natural disaster or just if they don’t.”

Teachers say the projects are a life lesson for all of us.

“You can have a positive impact on someone else, whether it’s in your family, in your classroom, in your community, or around the world,” said sixth-grade teacher Melissa Hiltbrand. “And so World Better Day is really a great culmination and celebration of just being able to have a good influence on the people around you.”


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