Small car loan despite Credit Bureau? How you can still get cash quickly from us

Do you need a small car loan despite Credit Bureau entry, but your bank is putting a spanner in the works? Then you will be like many other consumers in Germany. When credit institutions get in the way and reject your application, good advice doesn’t have to be expensive. Further illustration at

A car pawnshop is an attractive alternative where you can loan your vehicle and get an instant loan at a low cost. Good Credit pays you the mortgage loan in cash and scores with a 3-month term. We are represented at 6 different locations throughout Germany. Secure short-term liquidity both in our car pawn shop in Munich and Rosenheim and in the car pawn shop in Frankfurt a. M., Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Mainz.

Small car loan despite Credit Bureau

Small loan despite Schufa

We promise you: At Good Credit, you will receive your small car loan despite Credit Bureau, which is possible because we never cooperate with Credit Bureau. The Wiesbadeners have never been our partner in the past and will not be in the future. We also do not work with any other credit agency.

Discretion is always a top priority for us when it comes to offering our customers the best possible service. Trust that you will only receive individual appointments at Good Credit to avoid familiar faces. We are also not interested in your income relationships.

Which vehicles can I lend to you?

You can get a small car loan despite Credit Bureau entry at Good Credit for loaning various vehicles. Of course, we don’t carry our name for no reason. Experience has shown that most of our customers mortgage their cars at Good Credit and receive cash immediately.

Are you more of a biker on the streets? Then use your motorcycle as a deposit. You are also right with us if you loan your classic car, boat or motorhome. We also keep trucks until their owners trigger them again. If you would like to mortgage another vehicle, simply contact us. Of course, we also accept several vehicles at the same time.

Small car loan despite Credit Bureau: How does Good Credit work?

Small loan despite Schufa: How does Good Credit work?

You can secure your small car loan with Credit Bureau quickly and easily with us. Send us the most important information about your vehicle:

  • vehicle type
  • Initial admission
  • mileage
  • Status
  • Extras

We use this data to calculate the deposit value. This in turn helps us to define the amount of your small car loan. Does that appeal to you? Then we would be happy to arrange an appointment with you on the same day for you to have your vehicle and all important documents with you (vehicle registration document, letter, tuning receipts, cancellation certificates, keys, etc.). You identify yourself, put your signature under the mortgage loan agreement and receive your instant loan in cash.

What terms do we offer at Good Credit?

As a rule, the term of your instant loan is 3 months. During this time, you can mortgage your vehicle with us and receive an inexpensive small car loan despite Credit Bureau. Under certain conditions, the regular term can also be changed. Both directions are open to you, so that you can realize both an extension and an early release of your deposit.

If you want to return your vehicle earlier than planned, call us and pick up your vehicle the next day. If you have an extension in mind, pay the costs incurred. We will keep your deposit for a maximum of 3 months.

Small car loan despite Credit Bureau: what are the costs?

Small loan despite Schufa: what are the costs?

Obtain short-term liquidity at Good Credit with a small car loan despite Credit Bureau, no negative surprises await you in terms of costs and fees. Guaranteed! We adhere to the legal requirements without exception, so that our cost structure consists of 3 pillars:

  • fees
  • interest
  • demurrage

The amount of the stand fee largely depends on the type of vehicle you lend to us. While the stand fee is billed daily, the other two components are due monthly to the day. Transparent and fair !

What advantages are waiting for me at Good Credit?

Do you urgently need a small car loan despite Credit Bureau, but are not sure yet whether Good Credit will be your contact person? Choosing a reliable professional who unbureaucratic guarantees a fast payment of your instant credit. Benefit from 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and more than 10 years of professional experience related to car pawn and pawnbroking.

You will search in vain for hidden fees and there will never be an income check at Good Credit. We store each vehicle in an insured building, which means that you are protected in the event of an emergency. Get a small car loan despite Credit Bureau at your competent car pawnshop Good Credit!

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