‘Shine On’ Postcards Celebrate International Youth Day


Courtesy-Council for Youth Development

COLUMBUS, Ind.The Bartholomew County Council for Youth Development (CYD) will distribute 8,000 postcards throughout the community beginning August 13 as part of its annual Shine on campaign to celebrate United Nations International Youth Day.

CYD’s vision is that those who collect these free postcards will write a caring message to a young person in their lives, so that in the days leading up to International Youth Day, thousands of young people will be reminded of their importance and their impact on the community.

CYD Youth Ambassadors will be handing out postcards on Saturday, August 13, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Columbus Farmers Market. They can also be picked up at any of eleven community distribution locations including the Youth Foundation, Visitor Center, Bartholomew County Public Library, United Way of Bartholomew County, and more.

“We hope to see many residents picking up a free postcard and sending a thoughtful note to those young people in their lives,” said Heather Carson, director of the Council for Youth Development.

Postcards are created by Bartholomew County K-12 student artists. The 2022 artwork featured on the front of each postcard was created by artists Aniket Ghatge, Jessica Meza, Lucy Nevins and Ellia Shibata. Each artist has created original artwork based on their own interpretation of “Shine On”.

Details on International Youth Day, a full list of postcard locations and artist profiles can be found on the CYD website, cydbartholomew.org/shine-on-postcards-2022-2.


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