Shelly Residents Clean Up Eastern Idaho with Just Serve


SHELLY, Idaho (KIFI) – The town of Shelly kicked off its second annual Spring into Service cleanup event early Saturday morning.

The town has partnered with Blackfoot, Firth and the just serve organization over the past two years to clean up areas of the community.

“We each take a section of town, then volunteers come in to help and we go clean up along the train tracks, parks, bike paths,” Shelly Mayor Stacy Pascoe said. “Anything that makes the city more beautiful.”

Last year, more than 400 people from the three towns came to volunteer.

Saturday’s event began with a fundraiser to rebuild the Firth Fire Station which caught fire in January.

“The City Council has actually decided that they would like to host a fundraising breakfast to kick off our event today,” said Kim Adams, Just Serve Spring into Service event director. “So all proceeds from the breakfast go towards rebuilding his first fire station. So it’s a great community event serving the community.”

Firefighters and other volunteers served breakfast to the volunteers before they rushed to different projects.

Just Serve has planned 41 different volunteer opportunities for the event.

Residents prepared care kits, cleaned overpasses and roadsides, picked up litter in parks and cleared the local cemetery.

“It’s much appreciated,” Hillcrest Cemetery caretaker Dan Eldridge said. “The cemetery looks the way it does thanks to the community and I appreciate everyone’s involvement and participation.”

City officials expressed their gratitude for the volunteers and their excitement for more volunteer opportunities down the road.

“It’s good to see families coming out because they’re bringing their kids. And that’s our next generation coming in. So if the parents teach them to participate and be involved, then hopefully the kids will. When they get older,” Mayor Pascoe said.

The Town of Shelly will once again be partnering with Just Serve for an upcoming Memorial Day volunteer activity.

For more information, visit just serve.


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