SEGRO partners with Groundwork to support local community and biodiversity in Coventry


The program also provided support to 10 unemployed people in the region.

The project was launched at Willenhall Education, Employment and Training Center and marks the first initiative carried out under SEGRO’s national charity partnership with Groundwork UK and the first project carried out under the Investment Plan SEGRO community for Coventry.

The new outdoor green space that has been created in Willenhall boosts local biodiversity and presents new opportunities for community engagement initiatives. The space will be used by a range of community groups, including the on-site nursery, the on-site adult education group for those with additional needs, a community men’s group and open days for community families.

The project supported 10 unemployed adults from the area for two days a week during the six weeks of the project. The program provided them with practical green skills, including laying pathways, building raised beds, planting and establishing orchards; receive employability support, including CV writing, interview techniques and job search; obtain qualifications in health and safety and carbon literacy; and develop their skills in teamwork, communication, planning and leadership.

Willenhall was selected for this project because of its proximity to SEGRO’s new development in Coventry and the benefit the community will see by providing new green space in the city.

Graham Duxbury, UK Managing Director of Groundwork, said:

“We are delighted to see this fantastic new green space project which will go a long way in helping the local community connect with nature and support people towards a career in the green jobs sector.

“We look forward to seeing the results of future projects stemming from our exciting partnership with SEGRO.”

Paul Dunne, Group Operations Director at SEGRO, said:

“At SEGRO, we aspire to be a force for environmental and social good. This project will make a tangible difference to the people of Willenhall and the wider region, providing skills and opportunities to access jobs and , above all, by respecting our commitment to improving biodiversity and the local environment.”

This is the latest initiative launched as part of the company’s Responsible SEGRO Commitments, which includes the creation and implementation of Community Investment Plans in all of SEGRO’s key operational areas by 2025.

Over a ten-year period, SEGRO has set itself the goal of achieving the following results for its Coventry Community Investment Plan:

  • 700 unemployed local residents will benefit from SEGRO’s Skills, Training and Employment program
  • 15 “environmental” community projects that revitalize outdoor space and improve biodiversity and community well-being
  • 3000 young people benefit from SEGRO’s school program – inspiring the next generation of workers through information tours, career discussions and mentorship

SEGRO’s community investment plans include nationwide partnerships with Groundwork, which focuses on delivering skills programs to support pathways to employment through hands-on, real-life experience, particularly while working on local green space projects and Shaw Trust – a social purpose organization focused on removing barriers to enable social mobility.


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