Rhyl School celebrates a new era at the heart of the local community


Today (March 11), Rhyl Community Primary School marked a new era in the heart of the local Queen’s Crescent and Gospel Oak community with the launch of an exciting range of community and family services at the site of Grafton Road.

The refurbished Grafton Road building now includes an expanded Rhyl Nursery, accommodating children aged two to four, while providing excellent learning experiences for Rhyl Reception and Year 1 pupils.

Years two to six are based in Rhyl Street, with the primary school now operating across two sites, while providing a range of community services for parents and the local community from the Grafton Road building as part of the initial development of a community center, together with the launch of a new children’s center and an adult learning center.

Today the Mayor of Camden and TV personality Gail Porter helped officially open the new school site and community centre.

Camden Mayor Councilor Sabrina Francis said:

“Across its two sites, Rhyl Community Primary School can now provide an exceptional education for children aged 2 to 11, with multiple extracurricular and enrichment opportunities. I am delighted to also see the launch of the Community Hub and the expansion of Rhyl’s inclusive and creative approach to learning extended to two-year-olds within the nursery.

“There is also a growing and extensive program of activities and support for parents, children and the community, including exercise classes for mothers and daughters, drop-in stays and games for the under 18s. five years, English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​(ESOL) and community-based adult learning classes, including introductory computer sessions.

“Wonderful to hear that Rhyl has also worked with the Council’s Job Hub to deliver parent employability workshops from this Grafton Road site, which has remained in use for the benefit of the school and the local community.”

Rhyl Community Primary School Executive Director Helen Connor said:

“We are delighted to have been able to expand and develop our excellent educational offer for children and families, from early childhood through primary school and all the way through to secondary school. We are building a unique school with exceptional support for children. children, parents, families and the local community, and there is no doubt that Rhyl will truly be a school at the heart of the local community.

Councilor Angela Mason, Cabinet Member of Best Start for Children and Families, said:

“Rhyl Community Primary School is a brilliant school for local families in Gospel Oak and Kentish Town and this new community center is a fantastic development which will further enhance what is on offer for parents, families and the wider community. ”

Peter Ptashko, Rhyl Board Member who supported the development of the Community Hub, said:

“The entire Board and I are thrilled to see the launch of the Community Hub and the expansion of our inclusive and creative approach to learning extended to two-year-olds. This project has taken several years of readiness and represents an innovative opportunity to bring together and provide localized community services to the community surrounding Queen’s Crescent School, following Carlton’s merger with Rhyl Community Elementary School. this exciting project – which represents an incredible legacy for both schools – since the beginning and we will continue to work with our local community to improve and expand this offering to Gospel Oak and beyond in the years to come.

Other innovative arrangements for children, families and the community are forthcoming, including Parent Child Psychological Support (PCPS), a child development support program, which will be open to all mums, dads and guardians whose children are between the ages of three months and 18 months.

Following significant investments by the Council, Rhyl Community Primary School extended across two sites from September 2021. Significant improvements to the Grafton Road building have created an integrated nursery and primary school offering pre-school and primary education, as well as a range of family and community support, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for local families with children aged two. at 11.

Background information:

  • In March 2021, Camden Council Cabinet agreed to merge Rhyl and Carlton Primary Schools, closing Carlton Primary School to tackle excess school places, while keeping the former Carlton site open for education and community use under management from Rhyl, which has been operating from two locations since September 2021
  • As part of the refurbishment of the Grafton Road building, the site and facilities remain in use for the local school community and for the benefit of children and their families. A program of activities and support for parents, children and the community is underway
  • In the meantime, the Council has also invested in improving the playground at the Rhyl Street site, which also houses the Rhyl’s Kitchen Classroom – the school’s innovative community kitchen for quality food education.

For more details on Rhyl Community Primary Schooltheir new daycare, as well as their Community Center for family and community activities or support, please contact the school.

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