Provide LightSpeed ​​broadband connection for local community


If broadband buffering gives you the blues, fear not, full fiber is here!

Our local community can now enjoy a stable and super-fast broadband connection thanks to LightSpeed ​​Broadband.

Based here in the East of England, LightSpeed ​​Broadband uses new technology to deliver a connection 23 times faster than the average broadband available in the East of England.

A Satisfied LightSpeed ​​Broadband Customer

LightSpeed ​​can deliver 1 gigabit or 1000 megabits per second, and unlike many other providers, the speeds are the same for downloads and uploads whether you’re streaming your favorite movie on Netflix or sending large files all the time. while working. remotely, you’re dealing with a super-fast connection you can rely on!

Served by their new state-of-the-art fiber optic network, LightSpeed ​​Broadband routes fiber optic cables directly from the central office to your home, meaning your connection isn’t diluted by sharing with the rest of your home. the street.

It all adds up to a service that’s five times more reliable than a part-fiber connection, so fighting for bandwidth between households is a thing of the past.

Full fiber goes straight into your home
Full fiber goes straight into your home

Local engineers carry out all the installations, and if you need to speak to them, their friendly team are based in Spalding and take great pride in their Trustpilot ‘Excellent’ rating.

Customers receive a Nokia-designed LightSpeed ​​Wi-Fi 6 hub, and the free Nokia app lets you manage your Wi-Fi connection and parental controls with minimal fuss.

LightSpeed ​​is committed to providing local communities with much-needed fast and reliable broadband service, which is common in major cities. They are also committed to adopting green practices and cleaner working methods.

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