Moreno sheds light on fiscal year budget during State of the City address | Local News


CALEXICO — During the opening remarks of this year’s State of the City address, approval of the $162 million budget was highlighted by Mayor Javier Moreno to prioritize fiscal responsibility.

Calexico Mayor Javier Moreno (center-right) with Calexico Council members and Norma Bustamante (center-left), Mayor of Mexicali after the State of the Address event at Rodney Auditorium at San Diego State Imperial Valley Friday.

“The city continues to strengthen its financial position with this budget by building reserves, meeting long-term operating obligations, investing in facilities and infrastructure, and rebuilding community services,” Moreno said. .

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Mayor Javier Moreno

Javier Moreno, Mayor of Calexico, delivered his first State of the City address Friday at SDSU Rodney Auditorium.

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Swearing in of fire captain Juan Contreras

During the state of the address, Acting City Manager Diego Favila presented the swearing-in ceremony for Fire Captain Juan Contreras at the SDSU Rodney Auditorium on Friday.

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Javier Moreno and Norma Bustamante

During the state of the address, Norma Bustamante, the mayor of Mexicali, spoke a few words about Moreno’s administration and sister city relations Friday at SDSU Rodney Auditorium.

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the lion dance

This year’s address state-themed “Together with a Voice of Unity” program included a lion dance Friday at San Diego State Imperial Valley’s Rodney Auditorium.

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