Members of the local community protest against gun violence


SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Members of the Sioux Falls community gathered today to protest gun violence.

It was in response to the shooting that took place last week in Texas.

Anna Johnson just graduated from high school and will be heading off to college in the fall to become a teacher. She says the shooting in Texas was so personal that she organized Saturday’s protest.

“My big motivation was just realizing how mainstream it was becoming in America itself and it was always kind of a thing on my mind, but really filming Uvalde seriously made it realistic for me and going to the school in the fall to be a teacher, I started to recognize more students and started to realize how much it could affect their daily lives,” protest organizer Anna Johnson said.

Etta McKinley also helped organize the protest and is keen to emphasize that their message is against gun violence, not guns themselves.

“The biggest problem is just gun violence; I know a lot of people are going to interpret that as oh we’re anti-gun. That’s not the message at all that we’re against gun violence, there’s definitely a big difference and I think people need to understand that,” said protest organizer Etta McKinley.

High school students here in Sioux Falls were at the protest and say they want to see gun violence taken seriously.

“Gun violence is real, and we don’t experience it much in our state, and I think we tend to forget how many people have guns, and we have to remember that any student could do that.” ‘experience. These kids in Texas didn’t expect this to happen they thought they were going to be on summer vacation like us and it’s too bad it had to happen and we’re here right now but it’s also important that we are here,” said Washington High School Senior Ashanti Dalldorf.

Future high school students don’t want to be afraid of going to school or of the next national tragedy.

“Think about going to school next year and maybe a kid will bring a gun to school. If we had a reform to make sure these guys don’t bring guns to school. school and background checks, plus everything else we need to make sure these things don’t happen in our schools,” Dalldorf said.

Members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America also attended the protest and said that whatever their beliefs, something had to change.

“Moms are asking for action to support the Second Amendment and support the right to bear arms and therefore we are not here to seize guns. We want sensible policy changes that will help save lives,” a said Julie Parker, member of Moms demand action for gun sense in America.

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