Local retail stores are seeing a big boost in sales this holiday season


COLORADO SPRINGS — Most if not all local businesses have had to either close their doors or limit their in-store capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“This year has thrown so many curve balls,” said Carrie Baker, co-owner of Terra Verde.

Last April, Rocky Mountain Soap Market had to close for six weeks.

“We weren’t sure what to expect with all the changes going on,” said Cindy Puleo, manager of Rocky Mountain Soap Market.

Although it has been closed for a limited time and now has capacity restrictions, the store has seen a 20% increase in sales this holiday season compared to previous years.

“Things continued to improve in October, so we knew people were starting to think about the holidays and want to be merry as the festive season started,” Puleo said.

Even more surprisingly, Puleo reports that store sales are up 7% year-on-year.

“As time goes by and we keep staying busy, staying busy, and then getting busier, we just plan to keep busy and keep going as people come in. “, said Puleo.

Puleo says the community is what kept the store open.

The downtown community has been wonderful, everyone has been wonderful supporting local communities and supporting local small businesses,” Puleo said.

Just down the street from the soap market is Terra Verde. They also say the community support has been incredible over the past two weeks.

“Customers ask us all the time how we’re doing and they constantly say we want you to survive. We feel like we have a great team behind us,” said Carrie Baker, co-owner of Terra Verde.

As the holiday season approaches, Baker says she’s had to get a little creative to attract more customers.

Baker has created “24 Days of Christmas”, a special holiday offer where customers can receive sales on different items each day.

“Customers come every day and tell me they’ve seen the dish of the day and when they leave, they tell me they can’t wait to come tomorrow!” said Baker.

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