Local Industry Company Two Donates Fire Truck to Kentucky Tornado Victims


In April 2020, Hampton County was the target of a historic and record-breaking tornado that killed five people and caused millions in damage. Caring people from across the state and region have stepped in to lend a hand during this time of crisis.

This month, a Hampton County business had the opportunity to reciprocate someone else struck by the ravages of nature.

In what has been reported as one of the largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history, a series of super storms hit several states on the night of December 10, killing up to 100 people in the alone Kentucky.

With a touch of cruel irony, the storm took away one of the assets the people of Fulton, Ky. Most needed during this time of crisis: the Cayce Volunteer Fire Department. The tornado winds not only razed the building, but damaged all three service fire trucks.

In response to the loss, Company Two Fire donated a 1996 KME Pumper truck to the Cayce Volunteer Fire Department last week. Company Two is a Varnville, SC based company that builds fire trucks and fire fighting equipment.

Company Two has always had a heart for small volunteer fire departments, but that need really touched some hearts, said Company Two owner Quincy Jones.

“The Two Fire Company, since its inception over 20 years ago, has always gone out of its way to assist fire departments in need whenever possible,” Jones said. “The storm in Kentucky definitely hit us, so we wanted to help as soon as the storm cleared. Our own experience with the catastrophic April 2020 tornadoes here in Hampton is still ingrained in our hearts and minds. storm destroyed the three fire trucks in the department and we are lucky to be able to donate one of our own to help them. “

“Company Two has never shied away from helping our own Hampton County community on several occasions over the years,” Jones added. “Each of our employees and contractors is proud of the work we do here and we are all honored and blessed to be able to help the unsung heroes of the fire industry where and when we can.”

The 1996 KME pumper donated by Company Two to the Cayce, Ky., Fire Department.

In support of this effort, the South Carolina State Firefighters Association posted on its Facebook page that it accepts good, serviceable firefighting equipment to send to VFD Cayce. . Fire departments wishing to drop off equipment can email [email protected] for location information.

The South Carolina Firefighters Foundation covers the moving costs of any donated equipment and collects cash donations on behalf of the Kentucky State Firefighters Association, the FB publication said. Money raised and earmarked for Kentucky recovery efforts will be turned over to the Kentucky State Firefighters Association for distribution.

Individuals can help the Cayce VFD and the Kentucky State Firefighters Association by donating to the SC Firefighters Foundation. If you are donating online, please select “Help Firefighters and Their Families” when prompted at: https://bit.ly/KentuckyRelief.

If you are donating through Venmo, please add the note “Kentucky Firefighters” to @scfirefighters.

“Over the past six years, South Carolina has benefited from the goodwill of many people in our state’s need,” said Charlie King, Executive Director of the SCSFA. “Now it’s time to pay the Kentucky firefighters back. “


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