Local community joins rally of striking New England Machinists members at Cummins


30 members of Cummins Machinists Local 447, who have been on strike for four weeks for a fair contract, held a rally this week to highlight the company’s regressive contract demands. The rally was strongly supported by the local community and other affiliated unions.

Watch the One Day Longer, One Day Stronger video of the rally here.

“We are here because this company has forgotten how it succeeded”, said Mike Vartabedian, IAM District 15 Assistant Sales Representative. “Even though they made billions of dollars in profits last year, they don’t want to offer pay raises to the people who helped build the company. These machinists operate generators in hospitals and nursing homes. In short, they are the ones who fix the engines of our economy and support our frontline and emergency workers. They are on strike only because the company does not want guaranteed wage increases in the future. They have the full support of the Machinists’ Union and the labor movement behind them.

“Members of Local 447 continue to inspire machinists and the labor movement with their courage and determination in their fight for a fair and just contract at Cummins,” said Brian Bryant, IAM General Vice President for the Eastern Territory. “With each passing day, they become stronger and more united. All machinists will continue to fight with them until they are treated fairly by the company.

Senator Warren expresses her support for the stagehands of Local 447.


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