Lexington Foundation Repair Experts Celebrate 25 Years of Service to the Local Community

home foundation repair in lexington

home foundation repair in Lexington

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, USA, March 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Foundation Repair Experts Lexington celebrates 25 years of providing expert commercial foundation and home repair in Lexington, KY. With a track record of outstanding reviews, the owners of the company offer their secrets to becoming the #1 in the foundation repair industry.

“We start by hiring only the best-trained foundation repair contractors in Lexington, Kentucky,” said the owners of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts. “Quality installation is key to ensuring a foundation lasts for decades without leaks, cracks, chips or peeling. Additionally, it is essential that the contractors responsible for the installation ensure the correct depth and thickness of the concrete and use proper bracing such as rebar along the way. »

Can a general contractor provide the same quality of installation as the Lexington Foundation Repair Experts team? The owners of the company offer a resounding “no” for an answer. “Pouring a foundation is not like pouring concrete for a driveway,” they say fervently. “Remember that a foundation must be strong enough to support an entire structure. In turn, its concrete must be the right mix of aggregate and cement, and the right depth and thickness. One small oversight or one mistake can mean premature cracking and other serious problems.

The owners of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts offer additional insight into what has made them successful over the past quarter century. “Unlike some other companies, we start every project with a full property inspection, not just a foundation check.” Why is this step so important when it comes to foundation repair for Lexington, KY, properties? “You can often spot signs of foundation damage along interior or exterior walls, not just on the surface of the foundation,” the company’s owners explain. “Even the operation of doors and windows can indicate foundation damage, so it is essential that the entire property is thoroughly checked before work begins.”

With over 25 years of service behind them, what can the owners of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts say to area residents when it comes to foundation repair? “Maintenance is key,” they say in response. “Many homeowners don’t realize that maintaining a foundation is just as vital as maintaining a structure’s roof, gutters, and other surface materials.”

How do they recommend a homeowner maintain a foundation? “Waterproofing is a great choice,” they suggest. “Moving excess moisture away from a property keeps that foundation strong. This is a major difference we have seen over the years when it comes to foundations of roughly the same age. A waterproofed foundation on a property with good drainage will last decades longer than one without.

The owners of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts are proud to offer their advice to area homeowners and business owners because they consider these local residents their neighbors! “Our business is locally owned and operated, and we are proud to have called the Lexington area home for all these years. We treat each client as their neighbors and have made it our goal to ensure that every property in the area has a solid foundation. What has kept their business going all this time? “We offer nothing less than the highest quality service and make it our goal to treat every property the way we would like ours to be treated. Over the years we have made many friends and are proud of our long history of outstanding reviews from past customers.”

That doesn’t mean they’ve gotten a lot of repeat customers over the years, as the owners of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts share. “Our goal is to provide an expert foundation repair that lasts, so we don’t want to hear of a customer calling us back for additional repairs!” How common is it for past customers to need repeat repairs? “It’s very rare, although sometimes crack repair materials break down after a few years. However, underpinning and other work should last longer than one owner.

As the owners and team of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts celebrate 25 years in the business, are they doing anything to mark the occasion? “We are still offering free foundation inspections to property owners in the area, but we are stepping up our efforts to spread the word. It is essential that homeowners realize that foundation damage only gets worse the longer it is ignored. We have had many customers who could have saved thousands of dollars in repair bills if they had called us at the first sign of damage.

Homeowners at Lexington Foundation Repair Experts also explain how to spot these signs of damage as soon as their property’s foundation begins to weaken. “Regular inspections are always a great idea. You can also monitor the condition of the soil around your property and schedule an inspection if you notice excess moisture.

There’s one final piece of advice that the owners of Lexington Foundation Repair Experts want homeowners to consider in the next quarter century. “Never settle for second best when it comes to necessary repairs!” The quality of your property’s foundation depends on the contractors who install it and keep it in good condition over the years. We are proud to say that our exceptional service is what has kept us in business for 25 years and will keep us for another 25+!

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Lexington Foundation Repair Experts is one of the area’s leading foundation repair providers for Lexington, KY properties. Additionally, Lexington Foundation Repair Experts has over 25 years of industry experience. The Lexington Foundation Repair Experts team is located in 710 E Main St, Lexington, KY 40502 and is currently scheduling appointments for FREE foundation inspections and repair estimates.

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