‘Inside Out’ Event Invites Shoppers to Visit Local Retail Stores – Lake County Record-Bee


LAKEPORT— Over the weekend, the Lakeport Main Street Association wrapped up the month with a bang with the annual Inside Out event. With over 60 attendees selling outdoors, both commercial and residential, the event drew a large crowd of locals ready to go out and find some hidden gems.

Spreading throughout the city and spilling into neighboring towns, citizens opened their garages and yards as shops and sold their wares. Telephone poles were covered with signs bearing addresses, adding to the citywide sale. Set up with pop-up tents and cocktails, Marcy Harrison and Adriana Marquez of Lakeport took advantage of the sunny day on their patio to raise funds through their old clothes and furniture. The two friends said, “The sale is a great idea. It was fun!” They shared that the event was a success for them and they were happy to earn some extra money while doing spring cleaning. The lawns were covered with every object imaginable, from medium items like clothing and toys to larger ones like kayaks, fishing gear and camping tents.

All along Main Street in downtown Lakeport, retail stores brought their “inside” by setting up small versions of their stores on sidewalks and inviting shoppers to peruse their unique inventory. Each store has different offerings, many of which are handcrafted. Sandra Campos of Fixin’ it Up with Sandra explained “I do a lot of things by hand, so it’s fun to get in, it’s always changing!” Nearby the Style and Shine store, owner Kimberley Reichmuth held her biggest sale of the year for the event and said, “We are really excited about this and the upcoming Snack and Save.” Reichmuth was referring to a new monthly retail event starting next week where businesses have “coordinated snacks from each business and punch cards that earn customers raffle tickets,” according to Reichmuth.

Studio 127 owner Laurel McCarthy was a first-year event attendee and found that “the event created a very successful day with exposure to new people and sales.” Angela Ratto, 38-year-old local business owner and current owner of Ratto’s Uniques and Antiques, was skeptical of the event but hoped that throughout the day downtown businesses would see an increase in traffic, because everyone is ready to go out after the pandemic. It was a commonly felt theme and refrain. Jessica Helm, owner of At the Helm, explained, “It’s a great event that brings people out of post-covid.” Residents Joe and Dennis Fay, and their dog Tilly, were among those happy to see their community come together after the past few uncertain years.

More information about this and other upcoming events can be found on the Lakeport Main Street Association website lakeportmainstreet.com.


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