Huawei allegedly cooperated with local retail giant GOME


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Chinese tech giant Huawei and retail platform GOME Holdings are in talks to cooperate on digital retail upgrades, Caijing Tianxia reported on Wednesday.

The goal of this cooperation between GOME and Huawei is to bring digital improvements to retail businesses. Both parties will leverage their resources to drive the digital and intelligent transformation of physical businesses and further activate offline retail. In terms of specific measures, GOME and Huawei are very likely to build a consumer-centric digital operating system based on GOME’s online retail platform and more than 4,000 offline stores.

GOME Holdings, formerly known as GOME Electronics, was founded on January 1, 1987. After 30 years of exploration and practice, it has grown into a provider of products and services integrating retail, Internet, finance, R&D, real estate, investment and other sectors. .

The reason for the cooperation between the two parties is that GOME, which has been deeply involved in the retail industry for many years, hopes to build a service system integrating online and offline channels using the digital technology.

As an information and communication company, Huawei has also invested substantial resources in retail over the past few years. Relying on its technology and experience, Huawei can help retail companies solve the difficulty of customer growth, bringing them new business growth points.

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According to the analysis of some insiders, most retail companies use strategic cooperation and capital ties to achieve digital transformation. If GOME and Huawei can achieve cooperation, the two sides will jointly explore the deep integration of digital and real economies, bringing more convenient consumption experience.


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