Hodgenville preschool watches for speeders | Local News


Peyton Rae Johnson may only be 4 years old, but she has her eye on traffic offenders in her Hodgenville neighborhood.

His mother, Megan Johnson, said it started on April 30 when they were outside watering plants. She kept hearing him say, “and you’re going to jail, and you’re going to jail.”

“It made me laugh, so I started filming it,” Johnson said.

Peyton said she picked the cars that she thought were going too fast from the speed camera on her porch.

“Most people I’ve seen,” she said.

Johnson said her daughter thinks everyone is driving too fast.

“If it were up to her, everyone would be in jail,” she joked.

Johnson tagged the Hodgenville Police Department when posting a video on Facebook because she thought it was funny.

“I didn’t expect Chief Richardson to contact me,” she said. “That’s one of the things we love about living in a small town, the police care about the community.”

HPD Officer Terry Riley said he saw a little girl’s Facebook post calling attention to speeders in her home. The chief contacted him and sent him to speak to her and thank her for raising awareness about the problem in her neighborhood. He also grabbed a T-shirt to bring to her.

“HPD is a small agency and we take every opportunity to raise awareness of community issues,” Riley said. “We try to involve the community as much as possible so people see that we want to work with them to solve the problems. I think we have done a good job in this area over the past few years. »

Peyton was thrilled that the officer came to visit.

“I loved it,” she said. “It was so nice to meet him.”

Johnson said Peyton and Officer Riley had a conversation about how people were driving too fast.

“He told her he would be on the lookout for people who go too fast,” she said.

Johnson said Riley’s visit made Peyton’s day and he was patient with her as she often becomes shy in front of others.

Many said how much they enjoyed the video and how cute it was, Johnson said.

When asked about it by others, Johnson said Peyton can get shy about the whole thing.

“But when it’s just us, she keeps talking about how Officer Riley came to see her,” Johnson said. “She likes the attention, even though she pretends it doesn’t.”


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