Funding for Naul and Oldtown will help ’empower the local community’ – Minister Joe O’Brien


Minister of State Joe O’Brien, TD has welcomed nearly £18.5 million in funding from his ministry to benefit rural towns and cities across the country, including right here in Fingal.

Funding is provided through the Cities and Towns Renewal program under Our Rural Future and has a strong focus on projects that address vacancy and abandonment by bringing buildings back to life. downtown landmarks.

Minister of State O’Brien said: “Naul will receive funding of €23,436 and Oldtown will receive €22,500. These two towns in the rural area of ​​Fingal are receiving this funding to enable them to develop a village health check, a collaborative project that will allow the local community to assess the needs and development potential of the area. This process will identify specific projects and determine the corresponding investment levels.

“This funding will support a variety of projects ranging from improving the public realm to job creation initiatives such as the development of business hubs and remote working facilities. These projects have been identified by local authorities and companies, in collaboration with their local authorities.

“Many of the successful projects across the country receiving funding today will see vacant and derelict downtown buildings such as former banks, guard stations and convents transformed into community, cultural and artistic spaces. There is also a strong focus on remote work projects and I am pleased to see that a number of counties have ambitious marketing plans in place to entice remote workers to relocate.


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