Free webinar on how local retail businesses can harness AI technology


Have you ever bought anything on Amazon? Or watched a movie recommended by Netflix? If so, you have interacted with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

IDEA Academy is hosting a free webinar that explores the different ways AI is transforming online shopping.

Using AI, online giants like Amazon and Netflix have built cutting-edge recommendation engines that keep their subscribers and customers coming back for more.

E-commerce is particularly susceptible to AI disruption, as learning technologies and algorithms are currently transforming the way we buy and sell goods online. Not only can AI manually perform the tasks we used to do, but it can also provide a highly personalized shopping experience and provide retailers with the insights they need to make smart business decisions.

In this free webinar, IDEA Intelligence Director Alexei De Bono will explain how AI in e-commerce is changing the shopping experience in 2022 and explore real-life examples from the industry.

The webinar, titled “From Netflix to Amazon: How AI is Transforming Online Shopping,” will air on Wednesday, July 13 at 6 p.m.

Are you an online retailer considering implementing an AI working model for your business? Or are you perhaps just interested in learning more about this exciting topic? Then register for this free webinar by clicking on the registration link.

About IDEA Academy

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