Former members of hate groups speak to local community about domestic terrorist threat


MCFARLAND, Wisconsin – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and several former hate group members attended an event in McFarland on Thursday to discuss how to prevent the roots of domestic terrorism in the state.

A former Al Qaeda recruiter, a former neo-Nazi and KKK leader, and a former white nationalist all gathered for the event at McFarland High School on the first anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol to talk of the life they used to lead. and how they fell into the holes of hate.

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Although most people came from organized hate groups, the focus was on dangerous individuals.

“I think right now the biggest threat to society is the lone terrorist, the independent person who feeds on this rhetoric, reads The Turner Diaries, reads the propaganda, and with the social media that’s so there, it is a danger to society as a whole, ”said Ryan Lo’ree, a former neo-Nazi.

Hosted by We Are Many – United Against Hate, the event lasted several hours with a panel on domestic terrorism, a panel of former members of a hate group as well as a keynote address by a member of the ministry. of Justice.


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