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Sunday 19 September 1971

An astronaut visitor paved the way for the moon landing

Astronaut Russell L. Schweikart, whose experiences aboard Apollo 9 paved the way for US moon landings, will make a special appearance in Rome on Monday for the opening of the 23rd annual Coosa Valley Fair.

“Rusty,” as his friends call him, is no stranger to the North Georgia region. His wife is former Clare Whitfield of Atlanta.

Schweikart first gained attention as a pilot of the Apollo 9 lunar module. Although he was a space roof at the time of the flight, from March 3 to 13, 1969, he recorded several firsts in space. He was one of the first humans to switch from one spacecraft to another, and his spacewalk was the first space test for the suit future astronauts were required to wear on the moon’s surface.

Apollo 9 was the third manned space flight in the Apollo series and only the second to be launched by the massive Saturn rocket. The mission also included the first manned flight of the Lunar Landing Module.

Schweikart and fellow astronaut James A. McDivitt separated the lunar lander 109 miles from the command module, then caught up with it six hours later and docked there.

Schweikart’s tasks since the Apollo 9 flight include training for upcoming space flights and research on the Skylab project.

Schweikart, his wife and their five children now live in Houston, Texas. He holds a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

100 years ago as featured in the September 1921 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

Rome is one of the morally cleanest cities in the United States, large or small, according to Police Chief Charlie Harris, who reports a sharp decrease in crime, largely due to the decrease in crime. alcohol consumption.

Chief Harris’ books show a sharp drop in the number of arrests and unpunished crimes.

“We’re on the crooks’ curves, and they usually give Rome a big place,” the chief said. “A place the size of Rome has a smaller patrol area; therefore, when a crook comes to town, it is easy to get him back. Every now and then we can hide along the riverbank, but if he often hangs out on Broad Street, we catch him sooner or later.

“No one and no city can be entirely safe from these nobles, but in Rome we have them on the run, there is no doubt about it.

“Prohibition has undoubtedly done a lot of good. You no longer see men in the gutter like you saw them every Saturday night. It’s only every now and then that you see them restless drunk, and in 25 years, in my opinion, a drunk man will be pretty much a curiosity. The younger generation will worry less and less about alcohol.

Tuesday, September 21, 1971

Pepperell takes the lead in the team’s defense

It is now clear that the Pepperell Dragons are 3-0 and are the surprise team in the Rome area. This is called defense.

The Otis Gilbreath boys currently have the highest defensive rating in the region, allowing just 100.3 yards per game and under 25 yards per game in the air.

Pepperrell’s first two wins came against lower ranked teams and many people were reserving judgment on the Dragons. Then came a 6-2 victory over Darlington last week and suddenly the Dragons are tied for the lead in the subregion.

The second best defensive club is Rockmart averaging 112.3 yards per game. Next is Adairsville at 114 meters and West Rome at 125.5 meters.

These four clubs have a combined record of 10 wins and just one loss, so it looks like the defense is going far.

Offensively, East Rome remain the best club in the region with 323.7 yards per game, most of them rushing. In fact, the Gladiators are the only team averaging 300 yards or more per game.

Wednesday 22 September 1971

Model student winner of the “Miss Floyd” event

After a slow start on Monday, the 23rd annual Coosa Valley Fair gained momentum on Tuesday night with a large crowd on hand to see a 17-year-old model student’s crowning as Miss Floyd County.

Lori Watters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. AC Watters of Turner Chapel Road, will participate in the Miss Coosa Valley Fair pageant on Thursday night and will try to win a $ 500 scholarship.

The brown-haired girl wowed representatives of five other high schools in the city and county.

September 24, 1971

Russian espionage flaws in Britain

A senior Soviet intelligence official has defected to Britain with documents about a Russian spy ring, the Foreign Ministry said today.

The Foreign Ministry ordered 105 Soviet employees of the embassy, ​​trade delegation, Bank of Moscow and Aeroflot airline to leave Britain.

Ninety of the Russians currently serving here have had two weeks to leave. Fifteen others, currently abroad, will be refused permission to return to London.

The mass expulsion is the largest of its kind in modern diplomatic history, except in cases of broken relations between countries.

The deported officials, all accused of espionage activities, are spread across the embassy, ​​airline, Intourist tourism agency, machine rental center and Narodny Bank in Moscow, said. a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sir Denis Greenhill, Permanent Secretary acting for Foreign Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home, gave the British decision in written form to Ivan Ippilotov, the Soviet Charge d’Affaires.

None of the expelled will be replaced, the British have said. This would reduce the Soviet population to 445 and the Foreign Ministry said any other detected and spy activity would be ejected without replacement.

100 years ago as featured in the September 1921 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

Despite the appalling heat, the Rome high school football team went through a week of very intense training, holding their first scrum.

About 24 men are trying for positions in the team. And with the return of many squad members and letters from last year, Rome High should have a winning football team. The college was not chosen, but with men like Alexander, Mitchell, Stevens, Cooper, Wood, Mulkey and Mynnis trying for the backfield, Rome High should be well taken care of in that department, and the line will be just as strong. The team will be heavier than last year and will be more experienced. Virtually all of the men on the squad have had experience on a school team and some of the new men will force last year’s men to strive to keep their posts.

The schedule has yet to be set, but negotiations are underway with several schools and the outlook is promising for several good games to be played this year. It is likely that one of the Atlanta City Prep League teams will be played.

Babe Ruth has 13 more games to go four homers to reach the goal of 60 homers this season. New York fans are willing to bet almost anything that he will.

The Bambino will face the Saint-Louis club again at the Polo Grounds. He got his 55th against Shocker of the Browns, passing the lead over the right stands.

The interest in whether Ruth will make 60 home runs this season is so intense that it almost rivals that of the pennant race itself.

Ruth himself isn’t making any predictions, now that he broke his own home run record of 54 strokes last year.

The citizens of Dalton, alarmed at the possibility of the main Dixie Highway being designated via Rome, drove into the city and were forced to meet with Frank Reynolds, manager of the Ansley hotel in Atlanta and secretary of the State Automobile Association .

They rushed over to Forrest and heard a short address from Mr. Reynolds, but it was said that little encouragement was given to them, unless they quickly arranged for the roads in Dalton to be better than those in Rome. In the group of Dalton citizens registered with Forrest were: Paul B. Fite and Paul B. Fite Jr., WM Sapp and WM Sapp Jr., Jay. G. McLellan, Jay. M. McClellan, TA Hopper, TC McCamy and MC Forster.

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