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THE head of Operation Spirit AeroSystems in Northern Ireland, Michael Ryan, must be knighted for his services to the economy.

The Belfast-born aerospace veteran, who joined Short Brothers straight out of Queen’s University in 1981, has helped manage his transition to the new ownership of Kansas-based Spirit AeroSystems.

This happened just over 30 years after Bombardier acquired Shorts in 1989.

Mr. Ryan was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Bombardier in May 2000, a position he continues to hold.

“In a manufacturing organization, no achievement is possible without the involvement of all its employees,” he said last night.

“This is a recognition of the efforts of thousands of past and present employees to support our company’s continued success as a highly competitive global business, and its contribution to our community. ”

Spirit AeroSystems said the knight was a well-deserved honor.

“This is recognition not only of his personal commitment to enhancing Northern Ireland’s reputation for aerospace innovation and the company’s continued community engagement, but also of the dedication of the company. the entire workforce at our Belfast site. “

A number of other well-known business figures have been named to the Queen’s Honors List.

O’Neills boss Kieran Kennedy, soon to retire after 42 years at sportswear maker Co Tyrone, said he was delighted with his MBE for his services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company reacted quickly to the crisis in March 2020 by turning its Strabane facility into a PPE operation, making medical gowns for health trusts.

William Hunter of Derry-based Hunter Apparel Solutions was also recognized for the work the company did in producing PPE for health workers during the pandemic,

The 75-year-old is scheduled to receive an OBE for economic and community services in Co Derry.

Meanwhile, Belfast Kainos IT Services Group Managing Director Brendan Mooney will receive an OBE for Economic Services.

Now one of the most successful companies in the North, Kainos has only created 300 jobs in the past year and plans to hire hundreds more in 2021.

The Belfast company is now valued at around £ 1.75 billion.

Veteran Co Down businessman Ronnie Foreman and Labor Relations Agency Managing Director Thomas Evans will also receive OBEs.

This new national game show museum is a sanctuary of television nostalgia http://www.jamspace.net/this-new-national-game-show-museum-is-a-sanctuary-of-television-nostalgia/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 18:35:28 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/this-new-national-game-show-museum-is-a-sanctuary-of-television-nostalgia/

In one of those times when you don’t know you’ve always wanted something until you find out it’s happening, the game shows that millions of us who grew up watching will join a museum to the first time. The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY recently ad plans to house the very first National Archives in Game Show History (NAGSH) to preserve what remains of classic game shows like The Gong Show and Wheel Of Fortune.

As the museum targets old tickets for live recordings, posters and other fan memorabilia, NAGSH will be built from the game show industry, inside out. Curators will initially focus on acquiring materials and documents from professionals involved “in all facets of game show development, production, marketing and distribution,” the statement said, in order to tell a story complements both the game shows that have entertained us and the industry that has. The Strong National Museum is already home to both the National Toy Hall of Fame and the World Video Game Hall of Fame, which house Shirley Temple dolls from the 1930s and arguably the first arcade video game of the 1970s. IT space. And they plan to be just as meticulous with the NAGSH collection.

The archives will provide everything from the set pieces and props that made each show legendary to the marketing plans and scripts needed behind the scenes. This means that everything is up for grabs. “The wheel of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ would be iconic,” Chris Bensch, vice president of collections at the Strong Museum, said in a statement. recent interview.

Game shows have never left our TVs, but there has been a thirst for old-fashioned game shows in recent months. The CW commissioned a cover of the Nickelodeon Jewel from the 1990s, Legends of the Hidden Temple (LOTHT) in May, with adults fighting instead of children. Just two months earlier, ViacomCBS was flooding its new Paramount Plus with nostalgia with the addition of old episodes of A LOT, in addition to other favorite Nickelodeon game shows Bowels and Doubly dare. A few months later, Netflix decided to randomly release 15 episodes of the classic. Supermarket sweep, the only game show from the 90s where people still play secretly in their heads while shopping.

That should be all the motivation NAGSH Conservatives need to get their hands on a bucket of Nickelodeon slime. Slime live time and Olec, the rock talking about Hidden temple. There certainly shouldn’t be a dearth of materials that would instantly conjure up memories of lazy Sundays watching people arguing over money. The beautifully bold figures of the The price is right wheel, Alex Trebek’s perpetually immaculate costumes on Peril, and the 3×3 square alignment on Hollywood Squares instantly come to mind. The mere fact of seeing a chair next to a curtain hiding three other chairs would evoke memories of The dating game.

For people like 1970s game show host Wink Martindale Gambit, High Rollers and Tic Tac Paste, NAGSH is more than a new attraction in a museum. It is perhaps the primary means by which a distinct part of the American pop culture lineage continues to live on. “Without this initiative, many of the primary resources relating to these shows, as well as the oral histories of their creators and talents, were in danger of being lost forever,” Martindale said in a press release announcing NAGSH.

The museum has yet to announce when NAGSH will be completed and available to the public. The museum expects to add 90,000 square feet to its location by 2023, which could be the perfect time to unveil what may be the most comprehensive archive in game show history that anyone has ever been able to. bring together. And there are sure to be plenty of people who grew up on these shows, waiting to wade through a story that shaped them.

Bill Nelson’s NASA agenda – POLITICO http://www.jamspace.net/bill-nelsons-nasa-agenda-politico/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:00:17 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/bill-nelsons-nasa-agenda-politico/

POLITICO Q&A: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson presents his strategy to get more funding for the lunar mission and more.

New bipartisan legislation seeks to boost commercial space companies by extending the tax advantages for domestic installations.

If you worked for the boss of NASA when he was in Congress, the lobbying opportunities are bright, new disclosures show.

WELCOME TO THE POLITICO AREA, our essential briefing on the politicians and people shaping the new space age in Washington and beyond. Write to us at [email protected] with tips, arguments and comments, and find us on Twitter at @bryandbender. And don’t forget to check out POLITICO’s astropolitics page for articles, Q&A, and more.

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‘VERY OPTIMISTIC’: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson is using his nearly four decades in Congress to push for additional funds to fill a major hole in the Artemis program to return astronauts to the moon and donate a facelift to aging facilities.

“We’re going to have to have a little more money,” he told us in a high profile interview this week. “I suggested to them that one way to do this is in the Jobs Bill. There is an R&D section of the Jobs Bill. I’m very optimistic because of the support that I have. I have heard directly from senators and members of Congress.

He separately tries to get more money to upgrade The NASA centers that he says are collapsing. “I have clearly expressed the need for $ 5 billion in infrastructure for the 10 NASA centers and 10 other NASA facilities,” said Nelson. “We even have holes in the roof of Michoud’s factory outside of New Orleans where they assembled the core of the SLS rocket.”

From Moscow with … Nelson, who has been in office for about five weeks, is also trying to navigate NASA’s enduring but increasingly thorny relationship with Russia, now threatening abandon the International Space Station.

But Nelson, who spoke to his Russian counterpart Dmitry Rogozin for the first time last week, doesn’t seem too worried yet. “We saw, for example, just recently that they have some sort of module that they are going to launch to the International Space Station, which I think is a pretty good indication that they are not going to abandon it in four years. “, did he declare.

China is a more difficult challenge, but NASA boss says he’s looking for ways engage more with Beijing on common space issues, even with the strict legal prohibitions imposed on cooperation with Beijing. “We certainly need to cooperate on the orbital debris that could hit our space station as well as theirs they are setting up,” he said. “There are areas of cooperation we can do with China … recognizing the legal limits that have been placed on us and also recognizing the realities that the Chinese have not been very transparent.”

The truth may be there: These days, it seems almost obligatory to ask questions about UFOs, given all the debate over an upcoming report to Congress from the Director of National Intelligence on recent sightings of “unmanned aerial phenomena.”

“A few years ago, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I was briefed on what these Navy pilots saw and spoke to Navy pilots,” recalls Nelson. “They are pretty convinced. And they are realistic people. This is not some kind of UFO foil hat. These are pilots who have locked their radar on it. They followed and then they saw him move so fast they couldn’t believe it. And then they went and followed it again, locked their radar on it in a new position. So there is a phenomenon that we have to explain.

He said he had tasked Thomas Zurbuchen, who heads NASA’s science department, to review the reports. “I had several conversations with him, the last time 10 minutes ago, about this same topic and what he did on SETI and now what he is doing in an investigation. to see if we have a scientific explanation for some of these problems. “Nelson said.

But why NASA? “NASA is a natural place,” said Nelson, who has served in the Florida House and Senate. “Part of NASA’s science missions is the search for alien life.”

SHOW ME THE MONEY: Nelson also hailed the Senate’s passage this week of the NASA Authorization Act as part of broader legislation to compete with China in the innovation race that calls for additional $ 10 billion in funding. dollars for Artemis.

Senator Bernie Sanders laughed at the funding as “the Bezos bailout” because it is intended to help NASA underwrite more than one design as part of the human landing system, which has been awarded to Space X but is now being contested by losing bidders Blue Origin and Dynetics. The funding was added by Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington, where the headquarters of Jeff Bezos’ space company is located.

The American law on innovation and competitiveness, which includes the NASA Authorization Bill, is an investment in scientific research and technological innovation that will help ensure that the United States continues to lead in space and puts us on track to perform many landings on the moon during this decade ”, Nelson said in a statement.

But it’s not real money yet. “It would still have to be appropriate and also passed by the House,” confirms NASA spokesman Jackie McGuinness.

Related: Senate passes huge tech finance bill, includes $ 10 billion for NASA moon landers, via Space.com.

More: The Senate has just put the beef between SpaceX and Blue Origin, via The Verge.

LESS TAX: Bipartite legislation was also offered this week to strengthen public-private partnerships in space, including extending tax deductions for commercial space companies operating in the United States.

U.S. Space Commerce Law is co-sponsored in the Senate by Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, Roger Wicker of Mississippi and Dianne Feinstein of California. The House version is supported by Reps Bill Posey and Charlie Crist from Florida.

The bill is also supported by the main players in the space industry Aerospace Industry Association, Blue Origin, Boeing, Space Florida, SpaceX and ULA.

“By allowing full accounting for space launch assets,” the law will “strengthen America’s renewed leadership in space and strengthen our trading partners who are critical to this effort as we continue to explore the last frontier.” Cruz said in a statement.

Speaking of taxes, in case you missed it nation space titans are among those under the telescope to take advantage of all these IRS loopholes. And the leaks of their tax returns are now under federal investigation.

And: Branson could make one last ditch effort to beat Bezos in space, via ArsTechnica.

LINKS THAT UNITE: We noticed that SpaceX hired former Nelson’s chief of staff Peter Mitchell as a federal lobbyist in Capital Alliance Group, a government affairs store based in Tallahassee.

Mitchell, along with Jeffrey Sharkey and Jeff Eaton, will lobby for “projects between NASA and SpaceX”, according to a disclosure filed exactly one week after Nelson took over as head of the space agency.

As we reported last month, Ad Astra, the Texas company that makes rocket components, also recently hired Erin Neal from Velocity Government Relations, a former assistant to Nelson, to lobby for space credits. Neal was also recently hired by Questar Concepts in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Kudos again to Morgan Stanley’s Byron Hood, who was the fastest in the draw correctly responding to Ray Bradbury’s Venus news. “All summer in one day” appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in 1954.

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: Where does Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede, get its name?

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Carnegie Science Center and Astrobotic launch Pittsburgh in the 21st century space race: NextPittsburgh.com

China ready to send its first crew to the space station: The Associated Press

Russian co-founders of Momentus: Space News

Russian space chief says US sanctions keep satellites on the ground: Bloomberg

Space Cornwall signs an agreement with an American company: BBC

The European Space Agency sends another spacecraft to Venus: The new scientist

Ganymede looks stunning in the new footage from NASA’s Juno mission: American scientist

The beauty industry has a budding love affair with space: Shiny

Contacting aliens could end all life on Earth. Let’s stop trying: The Washington Post

TOMORROW: Blue origin will hold a live auction for a seat on the New Shepard’s first manned flight to space at 12:45 p.m.

TUESDAY: The IAEA organizes a symposium “Accelerate the pathways to space” at 1:30 p.m.

TUESDAY: The Senate Appropriation Committee Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies will hold a budget hearing with Nelson at 2 p.m.

WEDNESDAY: The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transport will meet in executive session vote on Pam Melroy’s appointment as NASA Assistant Administrator at 10 a.m.

THURSDAY: Aerospace Corporation Space Policy Fair attacks NASA and nuclear propulsion at 1 pm

FRIDAY: the Space Transport Association hosts a webinar with NASA Associate Administrator Jim Reuter at 1 p.m. [email protected] for more information.

BizHawk: Crafter’s Library in Santa Barbara Creates Coworking and Retail Space | Business http://www.jamspace.net/bizhawk-crafters-library-in-santa-barbara-creates-coworking-and-retail-space-business/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 05:50:00 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/bizhawk-crafters-library-in-santa-barbara-creates-coworking-and-retail-space-business/

BizHawk is published weekly and includes material of interest to the business community. Share your company’s news, including employee announcements and staff movements, via email [email protected].

Andrew Rawls ran a luxury travel agency in Washington, DC, until the COVID-19 pandemic decimated his business.

He returned home with his mother to Colorado to recover, but then decided to change.

“I’ve been sort of this millennial in my mom’s basement for a little too long,” Rawls said.

So he decided to learn a new trade – literally.

He returned to the South Coast and to Santa Barbara, where he graduated from UCSB, and took up crafts and sewing. He enrolled in the Small Business Development Collaborative to learn how to write a business plan. After five months, he had his plan and was ready to execute.

Then, on Memorial Day weekend, Rawls opened his new business – the Craftsman’s Library at 9 E. Figueroa St. in Santa Barbara.

“I love to DIY,” Rawls said.

He described the store as a coworking space for artisans, with a retail component. The place is furnished with sewing machines and workstations, as well as handicrafts that are for sale.

Classes range from threading a sewing machine and roll of paper flowers to make a wreath, to learning how to crochet and glass etching. The store also sells craft supplies, which people can pick up and go home to make.

“Anything a member makes in the store, they can sell it on my shelf or on the website,” Rawls said, adding that the manufacturer earns about 80% of the sale.

Rawls encourages everyone to go out and craft.

“The support from the community has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Rawls.

More wings on the way

Wingstop is scheduled to open this year in Isla Vista.
Click to see larger

Wingstop is scheduled to open this year in Isla Vista. (Photo by Joshua Molina / Noozhawk)

For years, Santa Barbara has been primarily a chicken wing desert.

Then all of a sudden it’s the flood. There is the Winger rodeo on Milpas Street. Then, Wing stop open at La Cumbre Plaza. A few months ago, Wingman Rodeo opened a store on Hollister Avenue.

Now it’s Wingstop’s turn.

The Chicken Wing Chain is ready for business in Isla Vista.

The company hung a sign this week on Block 800 of the Embarcadero del Norte, where it plans to open. It’s next to Starbucks and The habit.

An official at La Cumbre Plaza Wingstop told Noozhawk that the new restaurant is still in the process of approval, but is expected to open in the fall.

Gelato arrives at Solvang

Italian Alessio Carnevale opens his first brick and mortar ice cream store, Via Gelateria at Solvang.

Ice cream is available by special order, for catering and events, as well as custom wholesale orders for local restaurants. Now, the hand-made frozen dairy concoctions will be available in a larger-format retail experience, according to a press release.

The store will feature a rotating list of seasonal flavors, such as pistachio and lemon peel Santa Barbara, roasted coconut and white chocolate, honey and lavender, and fig sorbet, as well as new creations on a regular basis. . Carnevale will also keep in regular rotation a range of its most popular flavors, such as vanilla bean, salted caramel, tiramisu, dark chocolate and espresso, according to a press release.

“When I was a kid, I used to help my uncle at his ice cream shop in Calabria,” Carnevale said in a press release. “This is where I first discovered ice cream making, and I love these souvenirs. My uncle’s shop had a regular supply of local Calabrian specialties, which is why I strive to always have some of my clients’ favorite flavors available.

Carnevale began experimenting with making its own ice cream in the Santa Ynez Valley in 2014, and soon after began providing SY Kitchen with gelato for the dessert menu in the restaurant and bar.

Via Gelateria at 1623 Mission Drive will feature up to 18 flavors, all made on site, featuring locally sourced ingredients including California dairy. The owner plans to open this summer.

Old town cafe in downtown

Goleta is popular Old town cafe will open a store on State Street in Santa Barbara.

The cafe will go inside Mosaic Locale, 1131 State St., the site of Hook & Press Donuts, which plans to move to Jeannine’s former location on Figueroa Street.

It will be called “Old Town Coffee and Roasters” or “Old Town, Downtown”.

“We are so excited,” the owner told Noozhawk.

New downtown businesses

Robin Elander, President of the Santa Barbara Downtown Association, told Noozhawk that several new businesses were heading downtown.

Among them:

Tip and Brush: DIY painted signs and signs for the home, 31 E. Canon Perdido St.

Crush bar: Crushcakes takes over former wine merchant Armada in the backyard of San Marcos, 1129-A State St.

Pu’u Muay Thai: Move from block 1200 to 1107 State St.

Alessia Pastry & Coffee: 134 E. Canon Perdido St.

»Augie’s Tequila Bar: 700 State St.

»Caje: Café, 811 State St.

– Noozhawk editor-in-chief Joshua Molina can be contacted at . (JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address). Follow Noozhawk on Twitter: @noozhawk, @NoozhawkNews and @NoozhawkBiz. Connect with Noozhawk on Facebook.

Local artist Jacob A. Meders creates immersive installation at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art http://www.jamspace.net/local-artist-jacob-a-meders-creates-immersive-installation-at-the-scottsdale-museum-of-contemporary-art/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:31:34 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/local-artist-jacob-a-meders-creates-immersive-installation-at-the-scottsdale-museum-of-contemporary-art/

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) transformed the SMoCA Lounge into a gallery with the exhibition “And It’s Built on the Sacred”, an indoor installation by local artist Jacob A. Meders (Mechoopda / Maidu), visible until October 17, 2021.

Jennifer mccabe, director and chief curator of SMoCA, said running a museum during the pandemic required original thinking, but one of the ways SMoCA rose to the challenge is to change the way it uses its spaces .

“While we continue to adapt to the changing environment, we remain committed to working with the community of extremely talented artists based in Arizona,” said McCabe. “We have transformed our temporarily underutilized multipurpose space into a gallery and in doing so we cultivate new and deep connections. Currently, SMoCA is showcasing the work of four Arizona-based artists, alongside two nationally and internationally renowned artists. “

“And It’s Built on the Sacred”, a multimedia installation, is a reflection on what is sacred and holy and facilitates an open dialogue about the novelties and the manipulation of unwanted Euro-American religious objects.

For this installation, Meders took found objects and painted on them traditional marks of indigenous peoples. In doing so, he reconsiders how meaning can be superimposed and retrieved in these commodities. By superimposing images and meaning on these found objects, Meders raises the question of whether what is considered sacred can also be considered sacred and how easily the sacred can be sacrificed.

It dates back to the long history of Western European civilizations who took sacred sites from indigenous peoples and built their own religious structures there. Temples, missions and churches were all built on sacred sites during the expansion of Western colonialism, which forced indigenous peoples to leave the land of their ancestors.

It wasn’t until 1978 – a year after the birth of Meders – that the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed to remove prohibitions on Indigenous peoples in the United States from practicing their religion or traditional cultural practices. This suppression and the trauma it caused had a lasting effect on Indigenous peoples, many of whom used the Christian religion to mask or hide their traditional ways of believing.

“Building, replacing and destroying what is sacred has been the gentrification of indigenous lands,” Meders wrote. “To know what is sacred and to understand what is sacred would be to respect and honor what is sacred. Clearing the land with appropriation and commodification are the handcrafted tools of cultural rejection and destruction. “

At the center of the installation is a circular floor created from earth that Meders carved by hand. Hidden underground is a triangular pattern created using willow – the primary material used for basket weaving by the residents of Mechoopda in Chico, California, where Meders originated. This earthen floor brings the sacred earth into the gallery and represents a space for healing, gathering and reflection. Hanging around the dirt floor are Mexican blankets that Meders uses as a canvas to paint traditional indigenous motifs important to the Mechoopda people.

In all of the elements superimposed throughout the exhibition, Meders asks visitors to reflect on important questions around the sacred and the saint and to recognize the problematic history behind these objects. Combined, all of the installation’s components “re-indigenize” or claim the gallery as a sacred space – layering old and new stories together.

Meders, who is a master engraver, has also created an edition of signed and numbered prints that the public can take home to continue ruminating on the exhibition and the questions it asks.

“SMoCA recognizes that the land we are on is the unceded sacred land of Indigenous Peoples and we honor those connected to this land,” said Julie Ganas, Curator of Digital Engagement and Initiatives and Curator of the ‘exposure. “Working with Jacob on this exhibition breathed new energy into the Museum and transformed the gallery into a space for reflection. It was a great pleasure for us to work closely with Jacob to bring this meaningful and profound exhibition to life. to share with the community. “

“And It’s Built on the Sacred” is curated by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and curated by Julie Ganas, Curator of Digital Engagement and Initiatives.

American Airlines plans to spend up to $ 1 billion on 250 new electric planes through startup Vertical Aerospace http://www.jamspace.net/american-airlines-plans-to-spend-up-to-1-billion-on-250-new-electric-planes-through-startup-vertical-aerospace/ Thu, 10 Jun 2021 21:08:39 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/american-airlines-plans-to-spend-up-to-1-billion-on-250-new-electric-planes-through-startup-vertical-aerospace/

American Airlines is investing in British electric aircraft maker Vertical Aerospace and could order up to 250 of the new planes for $ 1 billion, the airline said Thursday.

Vertical Aerospace plans to develop a zero carbon aircraft that can carry four passengers and a pilot and fly at speeds of up to 200 miles with a range of 100 miles.

Vertical has also gained support from Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic as well as major aircraft suppliers such as Honeywell and Rolls-Royce.

This is American Airlines’ first major leap in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVOTL) aircraft, following a similar deal reached in February by rival United Airlines to order up to $ 1 billion. dollars in electric planes through a company called Archer Aviation.

“Emerging technologies are essential in the race to reduce carbon emissions and we are delighted to partner with Vertical to develop the next generation of electric aircraft,” said a statement from Derek Kerr, chief financial officer of American. “For years, American has been the industry leader in investing in newer, more fuel efficient aircraft.”

Airline executives have sometimes rejected electric planes because of their limited range and the decades it will likely take them to carry more passengers long distances, as commercial planes do.

But airline executives have also been pushing for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of flights through technologies such as sustainable aviation fuel and more fuel-efficient engines.

American said the Vertical Aerospace plane could transport passengers “quickly to urban city centers and to airports.” Vertical said the planes will have the same standards as commercial airline jets and be 100 times safer than helicopters.

Vertical is planning a test flight of its VA-X4 model for the end of the year and hopes the aircraft will be certified by 2024.

Vertical says it has pre-orders for 1,000 planes valued at up to $ 4 billion. American has said it will only order the planes if the plane can meet a set of milestones and specifications will be defined later. Aircraft rental company Avolon also hopes to take orders for as many as 310 aircraft with the option for 190 more.

Vertical also announced Thursday that it is merging with specialist acquisition firm Broadstone Acquisition Corp. to form a publicly traded company worth about $ 2.2 billion. These types of specialist acquisition companies have grown in popularity over the past couple of years as investors have sought to invest in emerging technologies and areas.

“This is the most exciting time in aviation for almost a century; electrification will transform flight in the 21st century the same way the jet engine did 70 years ago, ”said a statement from Vertical CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick.

Christopher Rhoads, director of airport / aviation operations at New York's LaGuardia Airport, stands near an American Airlines passenger jet serviced at Gate 30 on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, near new construction at the airport, as part of a multi-year, multi-billion dollar project that will modernize almost all of the airport's departure and arrival terminals.  (AP Photo / Craig Ruttle)
Life sciences leasing in 2021 has already hit an all-time high in New York City – Commercial Observer http://www.jamspace.net/life-sciences-leasing-in-2021-has-already-hit-an-all-time-high-in-new-york-city-commercial-observer/ Thu, 10 Jun 2021 16:18:57 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/life-sciences-leasing-in-2021-has-already-hit-an-all-time-high-in-new-york-city-commercial-observer/

The life sciences industry is accelerating in New York City.

Life science leasing has already reached a record level in 2021, when the year is only halfway through. Rental activity in the area was over 257,000 square feet in the first half of this year, already surpassing the 2020 total of 156,000 square feet, according to a new report of CBRE.

Leasing for the life sciences industry even surpassed its previous peak in 2011, making 2021 the highest year on record in a decade.

The life sciences industry is taking off in New York City, according to data from CBRE. Photo: Courtesy of CBRE Research. Data as of June 1, 2021.

The industry shows no signs of slowing down. Wednesday only, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to invest more than an additional $ 500 million in New York City’s efforts to grow its life science industry, which total price up to $ 1 billion.

CBRE Philippe Stern, a senior field research analyst, was not shocked by the growth of life sciences in the city and expects the mayor’s investment to add more fuel to the blaze.

“This is something that has been creeping in for years now,” Stern told Commercial Observer. “Now you see a lot of spaces delivered and there is more to come… demand from tenants has also increased. “

At the same time, venture capital funds have invaded the Big Apple’s life sciences market.

The first quarter of 2021 saw the highest quarterly total of life sciences venture capital funding, at $ 393 million, according to The CBRE report. In the first two months of the second quarter alone, venture capital funding reached $ 144 million, meaning the cumulative total of $ 537 million for 2021 is now higher than last year at the same time.

Funding of life sciences in the city was in full swing before the pandemic and it hasn’t slowed down. Funding rose to $ 1.38 billion in 2017, and venture capital funding has seen no less than $ 697 million raised each year since then. Funding hit its second-highest total in 2020, at $ 942 million.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has proven to be detrimental to other industries such as retail and hospitality, turned out to be a booster for life sciences. Investment in vaccines, easing government regulations and a plethora of interested investors have contributed to accelerate this increase, reports the Trade Observer.

But, even without the pandemic, life sciences would still have taken off in the city, Stern said. Mid-to-large life science tenants have also become more common, helping the industry grow, he added.

Offers including Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai165,000 square foot lease focused on research at 787 Eleventh Avenue and C16 Biosciences” 19,000 square foot lease at Hudson Research Center at 619 54th Street West helped boost leasing this year. C16, a Bill Gates-start supported, do Ia NYU Langone-run, biotech coworking space in Hudson Square.

But, New York City still has a ways to go before surpassing Boston as the nation’s life science capital.

“New York City has certainly seen strong growth and is on the right track,” Stern said. “So I hope he reaches that caliber, although I think it will be a few years before he reaches that level of maturity.”

Aerospace, Defense and Space Market 2021-28 Growing Demand | Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Company – The Manomet Current http://www.jamspace.net/aerospace-defense-and-space-market-2021-28-growing-demand-boeing-northrop-grumman-raytheon-company-the-manomet-current/ Thu, 10 Jun 2021 06:53:34 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/aerospace-defense-and-space-market-2021-28-growing-demand-boeing-northrop-grumman-raytheon-company-the-manomet-current/

New research report on global aerospace, defense and space market will provide up-to-date assessment related to current industry scenarios, current trends, major drivers as well as environment overall industry. The Aerospace, Defense and Space market report majorly focuses on major regions, development estimates between 2022 and 2028 including critical manufacturers, key industries, market size of aerospace, defense and space, share, product introduction, etc. Apart from this, the global aerospace, defense and space market highlights the major suppliers in the industry along with their position in the international industry with the inclusion of the market status of the industry. aerospace, defense and space, potential development trends, aerospace, defense and space engines market growth, challenges, profit status and price structure.

Download a free copy of the Aerospace, Defense and Space Market report: https://calibreresearch.com/report/global-aerospace-defence-space-market-112560#request-sample

Impact of COVID-19 on the global aerospace, defense and space market:

The current health crisis The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact various industries around the world. While a few industries have seen a massive drop in the demand ratio, and many others have remained unscathed and also represent promising growth opportunities. The pandemic is also having an equal impact on the global aerospace, defense and space market.

Drivers and opportunities:

The report identifies growing demands and new technologies in the global aerospace, defense and space market. In addition, it shows possible industry trends alongside increasing competition and advanced innovations. The study uses SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis to offer the state of competition in the aerospace, defense and space industry. In addition to this, the research study on the global aerospace, defense and space market offers a forward-looking approach of some crucial aspects including the risk factors, key opportunities and growth catalysts. who are responsible for shaping the dynamics of the aerospace, defense and space market. Space market. Additionally, it offers a broader perspective on the aerospace, defense and space industry by explaining its different segments to offer a detailed understanding of the revenue generation prospects during the period. forecast.

Key Players in the Aerospace, Defense, and Space Market report are:

Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Raytheon Company
China Aviation Industry Company
General dynamics
BAE systems
China North Industries Group Corporation Limited
China Society of Aerospace Science and Industry
South China Industries Group Company
China Electronic Technology Group
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
United Technologies
L3 Technologies
China Society of Aerospace Science and Technology
Huntington Ingalls Industries
China State Shipbuilding Company
Booz Allen Hamilton
Rolls Royce

The types of products can be divided as follows:

Aeronautics (Civil & Military)
Land Defense
Naval defense
R&D and support services

The applications of this report are:


The main regions concerned by the report are:

• Aerospace, defense and space market in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
• European aerospace, defense and space market (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
• The Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)
• Aerospace, defense and space market in South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)

Aerospace, Defense and Space Market Analysis brings together a highly effective qualitative and quantitative assessment of the Aerospace, Defense and Space market size along with proprietary research demonstrating evaluation of various geographic applications. The global aerospace, defense and space market illustrates a significant examination of the comprehensive outlook by a wide range of ingredients such as research methodology, growth opportunities, price structure, and competitive landscape . Several factors that form the basis of a successful business and the main techniques that have been used to examine information accurately.

Complete report of Aerospace, Defense and Space market for better understanding: https://calibreresearch.com/report/global-aerospace-defence-space-market-112560

Vital Questions Answered In The Global Aerospace, Defense & Space Market Report:

• What will be the growth rate of the Aerospace, Defense and Space market during the forecast period?
• What are the crucial factors driving the global aerospace, defense and space market?
• Who are the valuable manufacturers on the Aeronautics, Defense and Space market?
• What are the key industrial opportunities and the overview of the aerospace, defense and space market?
• What is the revenue share, sales as well as price analysis of major vendors in the aerospace, defense and space market?

Contact us:

Email: sales@calibreresearch.com
Website: https://calibreresearch.com
Address: 3626 North Hall Street (Two Oak Lawn), Suite 610, Dallas, TX 75219 USA.

Why the Sunshine Coast office market is one of Australia’s strongest http://www.jamspace.net/why-the-sunshine-coast-office-market-is-one-of-australias-strongest/ Thu, 10 Jun 2021 05:19:10 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/why-the-sunshine-coast-office-market-is-one-of-australias-strongest/

As office vacancy rates rose dramatically in capital cities last year, another story unfolded on the Sunshine Coast.

A glut of buildings on the market was gradually absorbed and new category A projects quickly filled with tenants. As vacancy rates fell from a high of 22% in 2019 to just 13% in January this year, according to figures from the Property Council, the Sunny Coast has become Queensland’s hottest office market.

Chris McKillop of Herron Todd White said the market has been improving steadily for a number of years. “It’s quite buoyant and it’s progressing well,” he said. “And then the last 12-18 months got ballistic.”

In the latest report from the real estate appraisal company, the Sunshine Coast is named as the only office market in the country nearing its peak. Notably, the areas considered to be “growing office markets” were in the regional areas of Byron Bay, Lismore and Ballina.

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While the pandemic and remote working arrangements have thrown much of the country’s office market into uncharted territory, in many areas the demand for offices is far from subdued.

“You look around the Sunshine Coast and in some ways it’s like COVID never happened,” Mr. McKillop said.

The expansion of the medical sector around the Sunshine Coast Teaching Hospital has partly resulted in the use of office space, he said. “And the Sunny Coast has one of the highest levels of start-ups in the country. There are a lot of incubators.

The new downtown Maroochydore is expected to provide 160,000 square meters of commercial and retail space over the next 15 years, with Walker Corporation having recently signed a $ 2.5 billion development agreement.

Foundation Place was the first commercial project to open in the new downtown area of ​​Maroochydore.

The success of Foundation Place, the first commercial project to open in the new downtown area, has boosted confidence in the local office market.

The five-story office building developed by Evans Long was fully leased within months of completion.

Transact Property Group Director Mark Dann said he is now handling inquiries for A1, the developer’s next retail and office project in the central business district of Maroochydore.

“The investigation was certainly very solid and we attribute this to the success of Foundation Place,” said Mr. Dann. “This gave local businesses and the commercial market a lot more confidence.

Foundation Place was rumored to be bought by fund manager Primewest for $ 30 million earlier this year.

Mr Dann said the remoteness of major cities on the east coast since the start of the pandemic has boosted the local office market.

“People moved and said, ‘I can work from home’… but after a while of working from home it’s probably not ideal, so they went looking for a space.”

Mr Dann said his agency was having difficulty finding small office space between 50 and 120 square meters for tenants. “And honestly, there isn’t much available. Two years ago there would have been pages and pages of ads.

He noted a “flight to quality” as new office projects with more facilities hit the market or were in the works.

Despite the decrease in vacancies, net rents have remained stable over the past two years.

“It’s still affordable. There is a Category A space for $ 450 per square meter, ”said Chris McKillop of Herron Todd White, adding that spaces often included parking and a view.

He expected the new Maroochydore neighborhood to continue to attract businesses from across the Sunshine Coast.

“Our vacant space is all of the older stock that was built 15 or 20 years ago, and is probably in mixed-use locations.”

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Danielle Hines: the visionary behind the coworking space in the civil rights district http://www.jamspace.net/danielle-hines-the-visionary-behind-the-coworking-space-in-the-civil-rights-district/ Thu, 10 Jun 2021 01:25:13 +0000 http://www.jamspace.net/danielle-hines-the-visionary-behind-the-coworking-space-in-the-civil-rights-district/
By Javacia Harris Bowser
For the Birmingham Times

Birmingham city center has a new coworking space that is both steeped in history and focused on the future, thanks to the vision of Danielle Hines, lawyer, business owner and military veteran based in Birmingham.

Hines is the creator of CREED63, which offers shared office space and private offices to established and emerging entrepreneurs.

“CREED63 will not only be for those who already have their business; it will be for the person who wants to start a business and doesn’t know where to go, ”Hines said. “If at noon you decide to quit your job, you can walk into our office and get the information you need to start your business. “

While Hines hopes CREED63, located at the Arthur Shores Law Center in Birmingham’s historic Civil Rights District, will attract business owners who are tired of working from home, she also wants the center to help aspiring entrepreneurs donate. life to their ideas.

The grand opening of CREED63 will take place on June 19, alongside events organized by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to commemorate Juneteenth, the day that honors the emancipation of African Americans who remained slaves two and a half years after the signing of the proclamation of emancipation. The opening events of CREED63 will include a vendor’s market starting at 1 p.m., a press conference at 2:15 p.m. and a ribbon cutting at 3 p.m., followed by guided tours.

CREED63 will offer much more than offices. By partnering with local organizations and financial services companies, the center will also serve as a hub to connect members to local business resources and small business start-up training.

“We’re going to be like a physical Google,” Hines said.

Little girls with dreams

Originally from Washington, DC, Hines knew early on she wanted to be a lawyer

“If you read my high school yearbook, it said I was going to be a lawyer,” 30-year-old Hines said. “I like to argue and debate. “

Hines also has a knack for reading complicated texts and explaining them to others in an easy-to-understand manner, a skill lawyers should have. “I have a passion for it, and always have.”

While Hines knew she wanted to be a lawyer, she wasn’t sure how she would pay for the graduate education she needed to make that dream come true. Hines, who has two brothers, said her mother was a single mother and she didn’t want her mother to have trouble paying school fees.

“I took it upon myself to enlist in the army,” she said. “I have never been to ROTC in high school. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just signed up because they told me school would be free.

But military life suited her and made her proud.

“My first actual day on the job was September 11,” said Hines, who was responsible for supporting US military aircraft operations. “I remember a feeling of pride being so young and having people calling me.”

Today, Hines is an officer in the Alabama Air National Guard.

She then studied at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee, Florida, then moved to Birmingham in 2007 to study at Miles Law School. After graduating from law school in 2010, Hines became a legal assistant to Judge Helen Shores Lee, the first African-American woman to sit on the Civil Division of the Jefferson County Circuit Court and daughter of the famous rights lawyer. civic Arthur Shores.

“We had a really good relationship,” Hines said of Lee, who died in 2018 at the age of 77. “I didn’t have a family here, but she was like my mother from Birmingham.”

Hines graduated from the bar in 2011 and began her career as a lawyer, but soon realized that she also had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2015, she launched Party Boutique Kids, a company that organizes themed parties for children. In November 2016, she finished runner-up in REV Birmingham’s Big Pitch competition, winning $ 5,000 for her business.

When Hines had the opportunity to purchase the Arthur Shores Law Center, she thought beyond her own business: she envisioned a center that could invigorate the community and provide office space and resources for all the local entrepreneurs who needed it.

With a mortgage from a community development financial institution, she purchased the entire 14,000 square foot building that includes 5,000 feet for CREED63, which is designed to help innovators of the future while paying homage to the past. One side of the building is dedicated to lawyers and there are two retail sections.

CREED is an acronym for Community, Resources, Entrepreneurship, Education, Development, and the name was inspired by the famous speech of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. of 1963. In the oft-quoted speech, King said, “I dream that ‘ one day this nation will arise and live the true meaning of its creed: ‘We take these truths for granted, that all men are created equal.’ “

To validate her idea, Hines turned to mentors like Damian Carson of Operation HOPE and Elijah Davis of Urban Impact.

“CREED63 is the tangible and triumphant testament to the Birmingham movement and the legacy of historic Fourth Avenue,” said Davis.

The next generation of black businesses

CREED63 has the potential to seed the next generation of Birmingham’s historic Black Business District.

“Young black-owned businesses often don’t have access to an inventory of quality buildings to imagine, incubate, innovate and collaborate,” Davis said. “CREED63 is an important response to a long-standing need in Birmingham’s black entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Hines honors and continues Judge Lee’s pioneering legacy and helps the city as a whole, said Davis: “For the Birmingham Market, a convenient space with co-located resources, cultural intent and a founders empowerment orientation and black entrepreneurs. Color is essential to the identity, sustainability and prosperity of our city.

In addition to providing resources, programming, coworking space and private offices, CREED63 will also offer conference and training rooms, a podcast recording studio, a shared kitchen with drinks and courier services. .

Hines believes that her background in law and in the military prepared her for the world of entrepreneurship.

“Studying law and the whole process of becoming a lawyer builds resilience,” she said, adding that in the military you are responsible for advancing your career.

“It’s the same with entrepreneurship,” Hines said. “It’s easy to get a logo, make a website, and make it look pretty, but if you don’t get past these first few steps, you’re going to get stuck there. “

CREED63 is located at 1601 5th Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35203. The official opening activities are scheduled for June 19, 2021, including a press conference, ribbon cutting, tours and a vendors market. Visit CREED63.com to learn more.