Earlsdon Police and local community praised for solidarity during siege


Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana hailed the hard work of the police and hailed the resilience shown by local residents during the Earlsdon clash.

The Labor MP visited the police cordon on Earlsdon Avenue North for the second time in less than 24 hours, having also visited last night (Wednesday January 12).

Following a West Midlands Police briefing at Earlsdon Community Library this afternoon on the fifth day of the clash, she spoke to CoventryLive and said: ‘I think the police have handled the situation so well.

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“I have been reassured and updated daily on what the police are doing and information about the situation.

“It is the second largest police force in the country and there has been no impact on resources.

“People can still get the help they need if they need the police.”

Zarah Sultana visiting the scene of the clash in Earlsdon

Ms Sultana also praised local businesses that have been affected – particularly Taylors Butchers and O’Toole’s Cafe – and offered to try to help them.

She said: ‘I know the cafe and butchers have been deeply affected and many people have not been able to get to work.

“They have shown so much patience and resilience in the face of this situation, basically just helping and providing food for the police and residents here.

“Whatever help they need, however I can help them, I am very keen to do so.

“I’m sure they will need a lot of people to come when this situation is resolved peacefully.

“So I encourage everyone to go to the butchers, to go to O’Toole’s.”

Other organizations Ms Sultana singled out were the charity Langar Aid and Royal Bengal, both of which helped feed people.

‘Coventry shows incredible hospitality, charity and warmth towards all those in need,’ she said.

And speaking of Langar Aid, she added: ‘They are so kind whenever there is a crisis.

“Actually, it’s their territory, so I’m not surprised they’re here donating food and helping out.

“I think it actually shows the kindness that we see in Coventry.

“It’s Langar Aid, it’s Royal Bengal, it’s people offering their houses for people to sleep in, showering, people offering groceries etc.

“I think it’s just Coventry, it’s the community and we’ve seen that in the pandemic as well and it’s just another example of that kindness.”

Ms Sultana stressed how important she felt it was for her to get to the scene as soon as possible.

“I was in Westminster until yesterday afternoon,” she said.

“Once I was able to get out of Parliament I came straight here last night just to speak to the officers and express my appreciation and gratitude and thanks and thought I would come back today.

“For me it’s really important to be here as an MP to say thank you.

“I know I speak on behalf of other residents of Earlsdon and Coventry who are also very grateful.

“Just saying thank you is the least I can do.”

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