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RUSHVILLE – As Marketing and Communications Manager at Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF), it is part of my job to be involved in the Community Action Planning Process (CBAP). I need to know what’s going on so I can share progress with you.

But my role as a Rush County resident who wants the best for my community is equally important. That’s why I also volunteer with the downtown beautification project.

What’s really exciting about this job is how challenging it is. Nobody tells us what to do. We decide together the best way to meet the challenges ahead.

Our team scheduled a Zoom meeting for 8 p.m. on a Wednesday evening. I have to admit that at the time it was the last thing I wanted to do. By 9 p.m., my outlook had changed. Completely. I was thrilled that we worked on the next steps towards launching our project!

These ideas are not just dreams or wishful thinking. They will happen for two reasons. There is community support – both in the desire to see change and in others willing to help. And also, because there are dollars supporting these plans, thanks to your generosity through donations to Rush Action to Fund.

It’s not too late to lend your support. Everyone is welcome to join at any time. Chances are you’ll find a project that piques your interest. Find out more on our website:

Maybe you don’t have time right now. It’s good too. If you can afford to donate, now is the perfect time to do so. The RCCF Board matches all donations to the Rush to Action fund up to $50,000 made by March 1. You can donate online or send a check to: RCCF, 117 N. Main Street, Rushville, IN 46173.

The next group meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 8. Contact us if you would like to attend, learn more, or join a project – [email protected] or (765)938-1177.

I saw this quote recently. “There was important work to be done, and EVERYONE was sure SOMEBODY would do it. ANYBODY could have done it, but NO ONE did. SOMEBODY got mad because it was EVERYBODY’S job. EVERYONE thought EVERYONE could do it. But NO ONE realized that EVERYONE wouldn’t. In the end, EVERYONE blamed SOMEBODY while NOBODY did what ANYBODY could have done.

I am proud to be SOMEBODY and to do the important work. Won’t you join me and be SOMEBODY, too? !


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