Bristol Airport Local Community Fund awards over £ 160,000 to local projects


The past twelve months have seen another successful year for the Bristol Airport Local Community Fund, with over £ 160,000 awarded to support local community projects.

A total of 59 individual projects have benefited from the Fund, with grants ranging from £ 600 to £ 10,000 in 2021.

This includes grants for an outdoor play area for Backwell High School and Wrington Elementary School; cricket blankets for Cleeve Cricket Club; team dugout shelters for Wrington & Redhill Football Club; nature conservation programs for Bristol Avon River Trust and Avon Wildlife Trust. In total,

£ 1.2million has been awarded to projects in the community surrounding Bristol Airport since the fund was established in 2012.

The Management Committee, which oversees the Bristol Airport Local Community Fund, meets quarterly to discuss and make a decision on all applied projects. Committee members consist of representatives from the airport and North Somerset Council and are chaired independently.

The objective of the Fund is to help mitigate the impact of airport operations and give something back to the surrounding communities that are located near the airport. The Fund’s area of ​​interest includes the parishes of Winford, Wrington, Backwell, Brockley, Cleeve and Barrow Gurney. Projects that might be eligible for support include initiatives to improve transport infrastructure, measures to reduce community layoffs, nature conservation, educational projects and local sustainability initiatives.

In addition, under the Local Community Fund, the soundproofing program helps mitigate the impact of aircraft and ground noise. This program is set up to provide grants for the installation of new windows for families living near the airport and this year Bristol Airport has awarded over £ 85,000 to 39 individual residents in the area .

Barry Hamblin, Chairman of the Bristol Airport Local Community Fund, said: “The past twelve months have been another difficult year for community groups due to the lingering problems of the pandemic. Being able to donate over £ 160,000 to support useful community groups is a huge achievement and has allowed the projects to continue to improve, grow and provide essential support to local residents near the airport.

“As a committee, we understand the importance of the fund and how it can be a valuable part of local community life. We want to be a “force for good” for local community groups and we are proud of the projects we supported in 2021. We look forward to continuing our support to community groups in 2022.

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