BridgeWorks coworking space in Atascadero continues to innovate

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce: Headquarters of BridgeWorks. Photo by Saab Sahi.

Installation provides flexibility to customers

–The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce is home to the BridgeWorks coworking space, which is the premier coworking location in northern San Luis Obispo County.

The BridgeWorks project was launched in 2018 with financial support from Pacific Premier Bank, which initially pledged $ 15,000, and is also supported by the city of Atascadero.

The facilities currently house 18 coworking spaces with a wide range of equipment available for customers who use the space, as well as different plans to meet different business needs.

Amenities included:

  • high-speed Internet
  • Secure and encrypted wifi
  • Color printer
  • Conference rooms
  • Cooked
  • Address
  • Professional workshops on site
  • Optional storage locker at $ 10 per month
  • Free parking
  • Utilities
  • 24 hour access
  • Coffee & filtered water

The BridgeWorks coworking space was designed to provide new businesses, commuters, remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone else with a well-equipped workplace at a more affordable price, without the need for long journeys or engage in large-scale offices.

During the pandemic, the chamber implemented various security measures, such as acquiring a medical grade hand sanitizer in partnership with Central Coast Distellery, obtaining ViroDisinfect services from Brezden Pest Control and the division booths to facilitate social distancing.

BridgeWorks provides access to offices or dedicated office spaces through different plans.

July BridgeWorks office layout

Relocation of the BridgeWorks office in July.

The cheapest option is a daily pass available for $ 25 for an office without a reservation, but also available in bundles of five for $ 100. Dedicated access to all unreserved offices can be obtained for $ 200, but a reserved office will cost $ 300.

Private offices start at $ 400 for the base unit, but interested parties can purchase access to a manager’s office for $ 550 or a fully furnished executive suite with additional features like a TV and whiteboard for $ 800. All offices require a minimum 3 month commitment and notice must be given 30 days in advance in case anyone wants to cancel.

The final option is a $ 100 virtual office pass that grants a BridgeWorks mailing address, courier service, one day per month access to use the coworking space, and one hour per month to use the conference room.

The bedroom is also working on expanding the space in the near future.

Contact BridgeWorks at [email protected] or call them at 805-466-2044 for more details or to schedule a visit to their offices.

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