Boeing partners with local industry to bring the P-8A Poseidon to Canada


Boeing and several Canadian industry partners have announced their intention to work together to position the P-8A Poseidon as the best option for the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) program.

The objective of the CMMA program is to equip the Canadian Armed Forces with a long-range manned Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Navy (ASW) with extended capabilities. to replace the CP-140 Aurora.

The Poseidon team is comprised of CAE, GE Aviation Canada, IMP Aerospace & Defense, KF Aerospace, Honeywell Aerospace Canada and Raytheon Canada, forming the cornerstone of the Canadian industrial proposal for Boeing’s bid for the P-8A.

Boeing’s proposal would involve the participation of more than 600 Canadian suppliers, representing more than 20,000 jobs and annual economic benefits for Canada of C$5.3 billion.

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Boeing’s P-8A is a proven military solution, with nearly 150 aircraft delivered to five countries to date. According to Boeing, the P-8 will enhance Canada’s ability to defend its northern and maritime borders, while ensuring interoperability with NORAD and NATO allies.

As the leading platform for reducing the environmental impact of military aircraft, the P-8 can operate today on a 50% blend of sustainable aviation fuel, with aspirations to reach 100% with investments in new technologies.

“As a dedicated partner of Canadian industry for more than a century, Boeing is proud to bring together a team of world-class companies in support of our P-8 offering in Canada,” said Heidi Grant, President, Business Development, Boeing Defense. , Space & Security and Government Services. “Together, we will strengthen Canada’s aerospace and defense industry with a 100% industrial and technical benefits commitment if the CMMA contract is awarded.”

The P-8A Poseidon provides advanced anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and search and rescue capabilities, and is the only multi-mission aircraft in service. and in production that meets all CMMA requirements. The P-8 also has the added feature of strengthening the link between homeland security and environmental management.

“The P-8A Poseidon offers a unique opportunity for the Royal Canadian Air Force today, as all development costs have been paid for by other P-8 customers,” said Sean Liedman, Director of International Business Development. for mobility and surveillance aircraft, Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “By its non-development nature, P-8 offers an affordable solution that will defend and protect Canadian security for future generations. With Canada at the forefront of cleanup and greening, it’s only fitting that Team Poseidon elevates long-term environmental sustainability as an integral part of national defense.

Current Boeing P-8 customers include the United States Navy, Indian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Republic of Korea Navy and German Navy.

The vastness of Canada necessitates a long-range, long-hold aircraft to ensure the platform can transit to operating areas and stay on station for sufficient time.

The Government of Canada will determine the winner of the CMMA competition between 2023 and 2024.


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