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After a two-year hiatus caused by COVID-19, AggieCon returns for its 51st convention this weekend.

The annual event was started in 1969 by the Texas A&M student organization Cepheid Variable. Organizers say it is one of the “oldest and largest student-run fan conventions in the world”. This year’s event will take place on the Texas A&M campus inside Rudder Tower. The event celebrates fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, horror, and anime fan culture.

Sai Nakka, head of alumni outreach and board games at Cepheid Variable, said it’s about having fun and celebrating nerd culture in Texas and College Station, as well as the history of Cepheid Variable.

“I see it as kind of a way for us to connect with the community here because until very recently nerd culture wasn’t really that big or popular,” said Sydney Do, head of operations for the Cepheid Variable convention. “It was kind of a way to get to know people in the community who share the same interests and to get to know former members of the club as well.”

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There will be various card games, shops and panels that will feature voice actors, cosplayers and other well-known people in the media entertainment industry, said Ivan Franco, public relations manager of Cepheid Variable. .

“In addition to that, we also have several video game tournaments. Tabletop board game rooms, where we have D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and other board games,” Nakka said. cosplay cafe which will host cosplayers, have fun with them, get to know them a little better as well as an anime room where people can watch anime.”

A cosplay contest will be judged by cosplayers Liam Norris, Medusa.dreams and cosplaymeg, Do said. Nakka said cosplays can range from people dressed as their favorite anime character to heavy armor.

“One of my favorite costumes, which I just finished last year, is Reinhardt from Overwatch, and I love being in that giant armor. You can’t tell what I’m doing, but I’m huge” , Nakka said.

Since the event will be held indoors, guests will not be allowed to wear face coverings and weapons will not be allowed, Do said.

New this year are card game tournaments for franchises such as Magic the Gathering, Digimon and Yu-gi-oh, as well as new entries in video game franchises, Nakka said. Cepheid Variable hopes the event will be a great way for people to have fun, Do said.

“We’ll have Aaron Dismuke, he’s a wonderful voice actor who people might recognize from his role as Oscar Pines in RWBY or as Suneater in Season 4 of My Hero Academia,” Franco said.

Those wishing to take home a souvenir can visit the various shops which will offer artwork, items based on different franchises and custom vinyl dice, Nakka said. Do said there will be local businesses such as card shops and anime stores, as well as locals or former members who have published books.

“Most of our panels are led by students. We have a lot of students who want to show off their skills, teach people something, or have a conversation with people who are interested in the same subject as them,” Do said.

To buy tickets or for more information, go to The event is family friendly, but some events will have age restrictions.

“All of our profits from the scam go directly to Scotty’s House, which is a charity within Bryan-College Station that specializes in helping children who have struggled in life, especially because they come a broken home, mental disabilities or anything else preventing them from having the childhood they want,” Nakka said.


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