9 cities pay teleworkers to live there

Cities in the United States and Europe will pay you to move and work there. Here is where. (Source: Getty)

International travel is back for Australians in a few weeks, and if you are already and working overseas, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland and Greece are countries to consider.

International insurer William Russell has assembled a listing US countries and cities that will offer you a cash bonus for remote workers to set up there.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic Firmly normalizing the practice of working from home, swathes of workers from all over the world flocked to vacation destinations.

This has left some cities, dubbed “zoom cities”, facing shrinking populations and shrinking economies. Here are the zoom towns and villages that are trying to attract new residents through money and other incentives.


  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: 10,000 USD for remote workers to set up there; free office space

  • Bemidji, Minnesota: 2,500 USD to relocate; free coworking space

  • Vermont: US $ 10,000 over two years to settle there

  • Topeka, Kansas: $ 15,000 for on-site employees who settle there; or $ 5,000 for teleworkers

Other countries

Do you remember the € 1 houses in Italy? Several cities across Europe are struggling for survival as people leave their ancestral hometowns for the Big Smoke, with many homes in desperate need of TLC.

Here is a list of cities around the world that are trying to attract new residents:

  • Spain: Ponga, Asturias: families receive € 3,000 to settle and an additional € 3,000 for each baby born there

  • Spain: Rubia: The municipality will supplement your monthly income with 100-150 €

  • Albinen, Switzerland: You will receive US $ 25,200 to move to the remote village, plus an additional US $ 10,000 for the children – BUT you will have to commit to living there for 10 years, and either marry a Swiss, live there for a total of 12 years (or 5 years with a type B license) or become a citizen before the end of the decade.

  • Candela, Italy: Singles get € 800, couples can get € 1,200, and families can get up to € 2,000 to move here as long as you apply for official residence there.

  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Italy: € 44,000 is up for grabs for new residents between the ages of 18 and 40 with an Italian residence card – but you will need to open a business and stay for at least five years.

  • Calabria, Italy: Some villages here have less than 2,000 inhabitants – but anyone under the age of 40 who applies to live here will be able to get .

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