2017 was a successful year for the global music industry as a whole, Despacito being an absolute hit. However, 2018 is anticipated to be even bigger. With half-way through, we have heard harmonious music that have already made place in the audience’s heart.

Precisely, hip-hop songs are one of the most prominent genres of this generation. Artists like Eminem, Drake and Cardi B have enlightened the industry with their work and are continually doing so.

With a hope to get even better music during the rest of 2018, here are some of the most liked hip-hop songs loved incredibly by the fanatics:

Drake – Emotionless

Falling into the category of contemporary R&B, this piece by Drake, from the album ‘Scorpion’, is a 5 minute long musical remedy for all the rap-lovers out there. It has been considered as the best hip-hop song of 2018 till now. Not only it has made it place in the UK and US charts but have conquered the heart of Italian, German, French and Canadian music lovers. With Drake being an emblem of the profession, Emotionless will truly trigger the emotions within you.

Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All the Stars

This creation by Kendrick Lamar has been one of the best pieces of music in 2018. Marvel’s Black Panther was a big hit since its release in February 2018. This soundtrack accompanied the film’s release with all its catchiness and melody. It is extremely captivating. It is unquestionably one of the most addictive hip-hop songs of all time.

Kanye West – Yikes

This is arguably the most fascinating song of Kanye’s album ‘Yikes’. It is focused on themes of intoxication and addiction which even gives reference to Michael Jackson. The track even portrays Kanye’s personal problems, on the face, giving explanations about his volatile behavior. Regardless of the said above, West was able to pull out an extremely addictive song that unquestionably deserves a place in the top songs of 2018. It is something that hip-hop lovers can just not miss.


Before his shooting death on the 18th of June, XXXTENTACION could have an awesome career in the field of rap. One of the offerings in his last times was SAD which portrayed themes on suicide, depression and heartbreak. Shortly after his death, the song skyrocketed to No.1 in most of the charts. Even though it was due to the attachment of emotional sentiments, it is and will be considered as one of the best rap pieces in the entire history of the music industry.

Cardi B – I like it

This piece is a revamp of the 1967’s Pete Rodriguez masterpiece ‘I Like It Like That’. It is a product of efforts put in by Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin. Falling into the category of Latin trap, this soundtrack is enhanced by the power of Cardi’s startdom. Listeners who are not even aware of Spanish can enjoy this multi-language song with as enthusiasm as they can.